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I'm still trying to understand the fundamentals of basketball,
so I'd appreciate any help!

1) Does there have to be two point guards playing in a game?
2) Do all NBA teams utilize two point guards?

Thank you. :mrgreen:


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I see u chose an appropriate offense

1. No, very few teams play 2 point guards in their starting lineup. Theres a point guard and a shooting guard. The point guard is usually about 6'2 or 6'3, handles the ball well and passes well. The shooting guard is usually 6'5 or 6'6, does some ball handling and passing but usually does more scoring then the point guard.

2. No but some do. The knicks for example have played both Lin and Baron Davis at the same time. The Clippers go with 2 point guards alot



1. you don't need two point guards on the floor, though the game may come more organized if a team is using 2 point guards. Having 2 point guards has it's advantages and disadvantages.

2. No all team don't utilize 2 point guards, but the clippers & wolves have done it this season and have had success.

I'll toss some green rep your way, not many people would have the balls to come on a knicks board asking to learn about basketball so kudos to you.
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very rarely will you see two point guards on the floor because that would result in a noticeably smaller line up.

On the plus side, having two "point guards" can increase ball movement and penetration that a "shooting guard" type player might not have the skills to do.


First of all, thank you all for your responses and help!
I will watch the video tutorial, Almost_Famous. And,
thank you for the kudos. But, I figured what the heck
because this is basically anonymous. :)

AND, I guess I'm confused so my question might not have
been clear, or I'm not understanding your answers because
of my confusion.However, my opinion, and from what I see
of his stats, Lin plays much better when he plays longer.

So, I think Woodson should allow him to be the only point guard.
Unless, of course, he needs to go to the bench.

I'm sure most of you will disagree after last night's game, but
I feel he will learn to be more self-confident if he goes through
the humps in the game. And, because I think he plays better
under pressure.

Why should Lin be given this advantage? Because in my opinion
he has the right stuff to become a great point guard for the Knicks.

And, I think having both him and Davis will only water down both
of their talents.

So, don't most of the teams, like the Heat and Dallas only have
one point guard play the "entire"game?

And, couldn't the Knicks do the same? Or, perhaps it's too early for Woodson to do that.


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Well Lin and Baron very rarely play together.

Ahhhhhhh, he's asking if Lin should split his minutes at the point with Baron during each game. All NBA teams do this, 1 player shouldn't be playing the whole game, that will burn the player out and make him ineffective in the 4th quarter, that is why we have bench players to let the starting line-up rest, and also to help provide energy and a "spark" off the bench. :beer:


Well, thank you both. But, pig headed me still things Lin
would play better if he played at least 40 minutes each game. :smokin:


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Well, thank you both. But, pig headed me still things Lin
would play better if he played at least 40 minutes each game. :smokin:

Nah, only the top superstars of the NBA log that many minutes and not on a consistent basis in a shortened season.