Blake Griffin slam dunks in comedy


Sorry you guys couldn't see this because he was pretty funny. He probably took it down because there was some dubious language in his skit which he was doing as a guest host in a Montreal comedy club. Montreal has that annual comedy fest that runs every year so he was probably there for that.

A recap, did a bit on why NBA players sound dumb during post-game interviews, saying it's because you're talking to them after they just got through running around on a bball court for 2 hours. He demonstrates that by having someone from the audience come up and makes him do pushups and jumping jacks and does a little dialogue with the guy while he's working out.

Does a bit about NBA players and how they're experts about strippers and strip clubs. Says I got a teammate named Harry, I'll call him Harry to protect his identity because there hasn't a Harry in the NBA since the time they weren't letting black people in the NBA. Harry is an expert on strip clubs and he brings in 2 duffle bags filled with dollar bills, rolled up and wrapped in rubber bands and the whole team jumps in and grabs the dollar bills before heading out to the club.

Hopefully you get the picture, very funny dude and quite poised and not nervous performing his stichk.