BREAKING: Carmelo Anthony has a shoulder tear; might need surgery



New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony suffered a small left shoulder tear late in the regular season that was revealed during an MRI on Wednesday, a league source confirmed.

The Knicks are hopeful Anthony will not need surgery, according to the source, who added the team plans to allow its All-Star to rest for the next three-to-four weeks in an attempt to allow the injury to heal.

If it is not healed at that point, then surgery would be considered, the source said.

played thru a tear, give the man his credit, tell chandler to gtfo

New New York

Quiet Storm
Never heard him complain about it, he down played it after game 5...this does further illustrate the need for a 2nd player to step up.


All Star
Yep another hater alert: Our star played thru injury without complaint. No doubt in fear of another "veteran move touch up" like dirty a** KG applied...

Rob Low

Rotation player
He was in the post banging with Hibbert and West with a shoulder tear, no one should ever question his heart again. Do you guys remember how well he was playing before that injury? Wasn't he averaging like 35 on 60 percent shooting for the month of April?

Rob Low

Rotation player
It was actually David West that originally injured it. The last game we played against them during the regular season,
then KG re-aggravated and it was all downhill from there

Kidd Karma

Warrior, Woodson needs to change up his philosophy, Melo is banging with West, KG, come on, get him back to the 3. He's a 3. Don't force him to take one for the team, get Melo on mismatches on the block, force a 3 to guard him.