Brunson & Grimes .. What's your opinion?


The Knicks new tandem guard backcourt of Brunson & Grimes are showing winning potential as starter/closer in the Knicks 6 game win streak.
PG Brunson performance in the starter lineup are the winning PG the Knicks been looking for the last two decades (outstading).
SG Grimes performance in the starter lineup shows great vision, and a high IQ as a 2-Way SG that have a winning performance that does not come up on game stats (outstanding).


Jalen Brunson has come up huge during crunch time all season ....
Today for the Knicks 7th game win streak over the Pacers small-ball rotation,
Brunson caught fire in the 4th quarter in coach Thibs iso-offense.
Brunson gave the Knicks 30 points on 50% FG shooting, 3-3 on 3's, and 5-5 FT.


I was wrong on QG. There was a reason he was a top recruit out of HS… he’s doing it all. Perfect fit with JB, and his defense and Mitch allow JR/RJ to co-exist together.

Imagine JB-QG in 2 years, after the get to know each other. Sky is limit for Grimes.


Grimes (ankle) to play in Friday's game versus the Bulls are day to day ..
Grimes performance has turned out to be one of the most important players in coach Tom Thibs 9 man rotation, Grimes 2-way chemistry have boost up energy from teammates in the 8 game win streak.

Yesterday, without Grimes in the Knicks rotation vs the Toronto Raptors who were on a 6 game looser streak the Knicks 8 man rotation showed signs of character here n there but something was missing in the Knicks rotation. The Raptors lead the way most of the game for a sad 113-106 Knicks loss at MSG.

The Knicks loss to the Raptors in MSG was because ....
Kiya .. the missing Grimes, and the 8 man rotation
Thibs .. End of a back to back the players gave it there best
Brunson .. 9 man rotation yesterday, 8 man rotation today


Grimes is still kinda of green at pressure time shooting the rock. Refs won't give him the benefit of the doubt when he's on defense yet.


The marriage of Brunson & Grimes in the backcourt has ended in a selfish divorce when Grimes came back from a ankle injury. Now it's all Brunson Brunson Brunson!
Brunson has turned into a ball-stopper dribble-dribble shoot-first PG. SAD!
The Knicks now need coach Jason Kidd, or coach Carlyse, or players Luka & Dinwiddie to force Brunson to pass the ball to teammates. SAD!
The ball-movement in the Knicks offense have been getting lesser and lesser game by game in the first half of the season to the point of little to no-ball-movement in the Knicks four game losing streak in mid January. SAD!
Play-maker or high-scorer? Which one did the Knicks sign in the 2022 offseason?

Randle plays at ONE tempo ..
Brunson plays at ONE tempo ..

Grimes plays at two tempos ..
Quickley plays at two tempos ..
D,Rose plays at two tempos ..
RJ Barrett plays at two tempos ..
Cam Reddish plays at two tempos ..
Toppin plays at two tempos ..