Congratulations to JR!! EC player of the week!!!


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Gotta give a shout out and show some love to Julius Randle: Eastern Conference Player of the Week!!! I have gone from be highly skeptical when we go JR to thanking my Laker fan brother for dumping JR. Congratulations JR and my sincere apologies!!! I?ll take my crow fried like always with a little hot sauce!! Thanks JR for making our Knicks watchable again!!! We have gone from #knickstank to #knicksplayoffbound! The latter is much better to me!!!


I bet Cuban wished he signed JR instead of trading for KP....

I bet Massai in TOR wishes he cameNY now, and had JR over Siakum....

I bet Kemba wishing he chose NYKnow instead of BOS...

Julius Randle wants to be coached and coached hard and credit him for that!!!!


I mentioned JR could become one of the Knicks all time greats and then I hear Clyde and Breen or was it Kenny talking about it? Obviously a long way to go, first we have to sign him to a long term deal and then JR has to do his part and duplicate the success of this season before we retire his jersey.