Emergency Game Thread .. Knicks vs Blazers


A Knicks win at home ..
The Blazers are a better TANKING team than the Knicks, although coach Thibs are competing hard for as many Lottery balls possible.

Knicks record .. 28-40
Blazer record .. 26-41
Nice steal by Fournier and then the backwards pass to Randle for the fast break layup. Next possession Randle pays him back and Fournier hits the 3. Knicks lead by 7 in the 1st quarter.

I?m going to guess this team will play hard enough to avoid the 50 loss season. We?re likely looking at a pick somewhere between 10 and 12.


RJ keeps the scoring trend going? They take care of biz against a G-League team.

Knicks with 31 assist, made 16 threes and were 32-39 from FT line.


After watching the first quarter 37-29, I went to the store then filled up my tank with expensive gas by time I got back home to watch the game it was over 128-98 Knicks WIN.

Grimes is healthy to play, and our BUM coach refuse to play a 10 man rotation giving each man 24 minutes of playing time, against the TANKING Portland Trail Blazers.
So far the 3 Knicks head coaches RJ Barrett had has been teaching Barrett how to be a Stat-Player, instead of a winning-player.
Did RJ Barrett need to play 40 minute tonight ???


Mavs beat Nets in Brooklyn on Dinwiddie buzzer-beater ....

Later for statistics .. The Boston Celtics Dynamic Ball-movement tonight out-wid the Draymond Green GSW ball-movement for a Celtics 110-88 Win.
The teams u don't want to bump heads with in the first-round playoffs?