Emergency Game Thread .. Knicks vs Hornets


The 1st round pick for Cam Reddish who was then lost for the season is maybe the bitterest pill of all.

Having the 2022 (Hornets) first round (13 to 16th) draft pick to trade .. And the team are in desperate need of a vet PG early in the season .........
The trade for SF Cam Reddish, after PG D.Rose had surgery (out for 8 to 12 weeks), and PG-Kemba Walker been exile. Had to be a decision to make the Knicks team a JOKE!
The Knicks FO traded for Reddish to replace the scoring of D.Rose & Kemba .. LMAO.
Tell me that's not Funny LOL
Especially, when the NBA 2021-22 season several PG were traded here and there, plus several walking FA PG were signed.

The Knicks players Cam Reddish, Fournier, Burks, and RJ Barrett doesn't play well at the SG position, or in the backcourt. Plus all four players are average C- minus players at the SF position (Inconsistent).

And the Knicks having the audacity to put SF Burks, SF Fournier, and SF RJ Barrett in the starter lineup were a JOKE this season LMAO! No chemistry, no ball movement.
The trio of starters had big problems trying defend the majority of Knicks opponents guards & SF this season .... After a few steady losses, I stopped getting angry at the losses and started laughing at head coach Thibs coaching method for another consistent loss.
Knicks vs Cavs on a Saturday afternoon.

Arcidiacono getting 1st half minutes. Looks like we are trying to tank now that we are eliminated but we are playing decent ball and tied halfway through the 2nd quarter


10 stud prospects, which means we?ll draft 11-14 range.

Right now, WAS, NYK and NO have 43 losses. 3 teams tied for 9,10,11?.

Be nice if NO wins bubble and makes playoffs? take out LAC.

As long as NYK secure top 10 pick, they should be in a good spot.
Some of you guys may be able to stomach a season of playing the young guys, but I don?t know if I can. Knicks without Randle trail by 19 in the 4th.


Playing toying guys in loaded EC a surefire ticket back to the lottery.

No more half-step measures? commit to winning and make tea moves to significantly upgrade roster in order to compete or sell sell sell and commit to a true rebuild.

I think NO was 10th or something when AD left and they won Zion sweepstakes 3 years ago?. Ping pong balls have been known to do crazy things.

RJ, IQ, Mitch?. Simms, Grimes and MxBride? Obi?. Lottery pick?.
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Toppin had the first 20 point game of his career today against the Cavs. Thibs has hinted Randle likely out rest of way.