ESPN Ranks Melo 15th BP In The League

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No that's not why Billups got high MVP consideration. The point of bringing Billups up is to prove to you throughout Melo's career he hasn't been thought highly of by other critiques/analyst/media cover guys, hence him not finishing high in MVP voting in many seasons and not making ALL-NBA First Teams and whatnot.

Therefore when you see an ESPN list of Player Rankings, don't be shocked when he's not Top 10. Contrary to what many of us Knick fans feel and players like Blake could rank ahead of him.

Once again he finished lower than 12 in the season he advanced the furthest in his career....Now let me ask you do you think...

1LeBron James
2Kobe Bryant
3Dwyane Wade
4Dwight Howard
5Chris Paul
6Chauncey Billups
7Paul Pierce
8Tony Parker
9Brandon Roy
10Tim Duncan
11Dirk Nowitzki
12Yao Ming

All these guys were more deserving of finishing ahead of Melo. If you answer Yes doesn't matter if you answer no once again it doesn't matter because they did finish higher and guess what ESPN doesn't control MVP results. This season Melo finished 3rd and maybe he's earned such high consideration but not all look at Melo the way we do, or should I say the way you do....

This is no different than John Wall receiving a Max Extension from the Wizards? We all know he's not worth that kind of coin. We can reason why the Wizards felt compelled to offer all the money he was entitled to but it doesn't make the decision a wise one. Melo is not worth 5yrs $130mil and he's not a Top 10 who cares who finishes ahead of him on media ranking outlets?

My only objection to that list could be yao ming. But that was then and this is now. Melo is a top 10 player in my book. Knick or no knick.

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