Free Agent PF Christian Wood are available


The seven year double-double FA PF Christian Wood was the perfect target for the Knicks to sign the week after trading PF Obi Toppin.
It's August 6th and Christian Wood is still not signed. A contender team will sign Christian Wood before the season start.
You know Kiya, I been wondering if anyone saw that Wood was available. Not sure what Dallas is thinking not resigning him.
BTW, see where the let Frank walk and sign with the Hornets. They miss used/not use Frank just like the Knicks.


IF the Knicks FO had signed the FA PF-Christian Wood, after trading PF Obi Toppin to the Pacers, that would've made a lot of good sense for the Knicks rotation. Plus Wood would give Randle 20 minutes of rest on the bench each game.
It would've been rewarding to have a fresh duo of Wood & Hartenstein in the Knicks frontcourt coming off the bench.

The Knicks have no legit backup PF for Randle in the game rotation.
And the Knicks have no SF for the rotation next season. Unless they get Paul George or OG this offseason.
What the Knicks do have is SIX SG on the roster ....
6.3 PG/SG Quickley,
6.4 SG Grimes,
6.4 SG Donte,
6.4 SG Hart,
6.6 SG Barrett,
and 6.6 SG Fournier.
A fan would think the Knicks would've traded 2 of their SG, before signing a FA SG, then giving a SG a big $$$ extension.
None of the Knicks 6 SG could outscore or defend their opponents top scoring SF or top scoring guards ..
Like Butler & Lowry, or Tatum & Brown, or Middleton & Holiday, or Harris & Harden, or Barnes & OG, or Trae & Murray. And that's just 6 teams in the Eastern Conference.
I see where Giannis brother almost sign with the Knicks. Maybe it resign with the Knicks.

Don’t looks like they are interested in Wood.


Today, The Lakers signed Christian Woods for a 2 yr $5.7M contract.
It look like Christian Woods and Obi Toppin got the same treatment from their GM.
I'm sure Christian Woods spoke out to much in the Mavs locker room about the Mavs TANKING from being an above .500 playoff team (5 seed) in February, to the Mavs ending the season as an 11 seed team after trading Mavs pass-first PG Dinwiddie for the shoot first scorer PG Kyrie on the trade deadline. The Mavs Tanking to keep their draft pick LOL

The AD & Woods duo in a lineup is a very BIG improvement for the Lakers having a great role-player Hachimura as their backup.
Wood averaged 16.6 points and 7.3 rebounds per game for the Dallas Mavericks despite playing largely as a reserve last season, his seventh in the NBA.
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