Game Thread: Celtics@Knicks 4/2/2017 Game 77


Knicks cutting into the league as "Uncle Sasha" misses a tech ft. Why??? Even Jalen was questioning Sasha's presence in the NBA on the ABC halftime show. Still SMH:(

The Knicks never gave veteran Sasha any playing-time at the start of the season to build a working system .. every time Baker, Holiday, and Kuz were given playing time over Sasha the first 30 games of the season .. Tanking-mode was in session.
Sasha's veteran experience should have been our 6th man off the bench at the start of the season tandem with Jennings as our 2nd unit backcourt to create chemistry.
Last season the lineup of Sasha/Galloway/Grant with D.Will & Quinn were 3 to 1 at outscoring more opponents than our starting lineup.

Plumlee took advantage of the little playing time he receive by stealing the ball twice that lead him to scoring 5 pts.
Baker is proving he is a backup PG on a D.League team.
Kuz 6.9 performance is so weak on the defensive end and on the glass its a crying shame Kuz receive more playing time in the season than Plumlee & Sasha put together.
WHG had a better 2 way performance game in November than he do in March & April, all the playing time WHG received in lineups with KP, Melo, Rose, Lee, and Baker has made his performance weak and useless.
That's my conclusion of Owner Dolan's white-boy rookies in the 2016-17 season .. they receive poor development throughout the season .. the game we just watch showed how clueless each one of our rookies are on Team-Defense!
Hornacek & Rambis must be fired at end of season!!!


NYK couldn't play spoiler.... what a shock. Looking more and more of a lock to secure the 5th worst record. So, as long as nobody leaps ahead of NY into top 3.... Knicks should at least salvage something out of this miserable season.


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They got the L, that's good but what's with the anemic rebounding from #kporzee and WHG? Knicks should start Randle the remaining games. I think we know what we have in Baker.


Thats Chief, JRose and this guy that say Sasha shouldn't start. 5 left, I say start Sasha if it gives the Knicks the best chance at a top 3 pick. Don't think Sasha starting over the next 5 is going to happen, Melo I bet is back on Tues against the Bulls.

Bulls are back in the playoff picture in 7th so they're resting no one on Tues trying to get into the playoffs. Horn I think is going to try to play the spoiler on Tues so you won't see the tank lineups of undrafted rookies you saw Sunday.



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Thanks Tiger and I agree with you and JRose who stated:"Sasha is only in the league because he knows some aspects of the triangle." Cmon man. That's pathetic. So Sasha's 1-8 shooting for 5 points and a +- of -17 in 28 minutes is ok because Phil's freakin triangle that doesn't work?!?? I get the tank fans, but there used to be a thing called Knicks pride. There was excitement for the Sunday matinee's vs the Pacers/Heat/Celts/Bulls. The Garden would be rocking chanting "defense" and you could feel the excitement through your TV screen. That's why I became a Knicks fan. Now we are reduced to hoping we lose or if you are a true fan that we only lose by 10 instead of 20. All under the ambivalent watch of 12 million $$$ Phil. I'm sick of this **** :(