Game Thread: Memphis Grizzlies at New York Knicks - 3/9/21

Game Thread: Memphis Grizzlies at New York Knicks - 4/9/21

Knicks look to bounce back tonight and stop the bleeding.
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Not sure how much longer Knicks can survive with Payton starting. Mercifully, Payton gets 2 fouls in the opening 3 minutes and has to sit.
We live and die by our team defense. If it?s not there, we can?t win. We don?t have anywhere near enough offense to compete in a high scoring game.
Derrick Rose showed up tonight. 13 points on 6 for 9 shooting. No one else has showed up yet though.
We?re late in the 2nd quarter and neither Randle nor RJ has hit a shot from the floor yet. Just awful.
RJ and Randle combine for only 6 points on 1 for 8 shooting in the 1st half. How we only trail by 9 at the half is beyond me.

That was the kind of half you just want to forget happened and move on.


Half-Time .. Knicks 51 - Grizz 61

Wow .. Payton & RJ first half performance couldn't touch the Grizz wing olayers on offense/defense.
Feels like we should be down by 20 .. This kid Dillon Brooks, u have to like his style.

I like Thibs first half rotation tonight giving the entire 2nd unit players 10 or more minute .. Great coaching even when ur down 9 at the half. Thibs shouldve been doing this rotation 30 games back.


A wire to wire loss to MEM? Have we hit rock bottom yet? No sir... still get a few layers of soil to dig down thru...

Isn?t this year of Randle akin to when D-Lo was toast of town in BKLN.

Are we giving Randle a 100 mil? I hope not.


From box score, apparently Randle and RJ not playing as much? Good. If the stink sit them and let them think. Looks like Obi having best game of season for him.


I jinxed it.... 99-90 with 8 left and Obi misses a wide open 3. Man, he and Knox miss a ton of wide open looks.