Game Thread: New York Knicks @ Miami Heat 8:00 pm 3/31/2017 [Game#76]

This win is going to piss a lot of people off, but maybe games like this give us some hope for a no Melo future being brighter than the iso Melo past and present


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Well when the Knicks win without Melo and Rose it's small joy, we still needed the loss(Tied for 6th with the Kings)...but congrats to the guys(youngsters) still playing hard at this point in the season!


With 6 secs left Horn tells CLee dribble as much time off the clock before they can foul you, so CLee runs around the the other side trying to keep the Heat defender from fouling him. Wastes 4 secs of the 6 left. Hardly ever see that play, nice call by Horn from a timeout.

Playing for nothing but pride and with Melo and Rose out they get the win. Horn should go with this group the rest of the way, they held the Heat to 4-17 shooting in the 4th. Proud of this group tonight even if I want that 4th spot in the lottery.


This win is going to piss a lot of people off, but maybe games like this give us some hope for a no Melo future being brighter than the iso Melo past and present

We have to play Melo and Rose if we want to lose. Lol.... just don't play them in the 4th if we're ahead by a bunch, only if it's a close game. lol.

With a back-2-back with MIA Wed/Fri.... I pretty much assumed we'd win 1.... also figured we would beat CHI and PHI and finish 3-5 our final 8....

ORL lost by 1 in BOS....

Everybody playing for pride.... can't fault NYK.... start Sasha and still win.

Still, if we finish 3-5 our final 8 we can't kill them.... that should put us in mix for 4-6.... if not, then so be it....
Now.... a 4-4 or a winning record final 8 will piss me off.... but if these kids go on a run.... have to smile and hope for the fewer ping pong balls to go out way.... if not, then we settle for BPA at 7-9 pick and hope draft is truly as deep as most claim.

Go Knicks!


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nice win by the knicks tonight. but there is no way i'm going to let it trick me into thinking that phil doesn't have to go.
these guys were playing for a spot on the roster next season. i'm sure they very much enjoy life in new york as athlete celebrities.
we'll see how this triangle looks next season, with rambis still in charge of defensive coordination, even with melo gone, around... ohhhh let's say 20 games into the season?
yeah, we'll see.


We're now 2-5 since I said we might go 3-10 with the tough schedule ahead but it looks like with that win in Miami we'll do better than 3 wins. Facing some tough teams the next 6 but some teams may be resting players for the playoffs increasing our chances for winning those games. Last game is with PHI so that game may have lottery implications.

Anyway the goal for the Knicks the rest of the way should be to feature KP as the focal point of the offense. Play the tandem of WHG and KP and get a look at the rest of the young guys. I would seriously consider not playing Melo and Rose even if they're healthy and go with the lineups that played yesterday but starting Sasha over Melo or Rose probably would be frowned upon by the NBA and Silver.
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