Game thread: New York Knicks @ Milwaukee Bucks 8:00 12/2/2019 [Game #21]


Good Luck with your 1st round dukie if you think that is a building block. Just remember who drafted him is the same person you have all these problems with now. Someone in this forum stated that "F.O. have problem with drafting"(something close to that). I reply back then why do you feel that RJ is such a Great pick.
I'll ask you the same question. Why??

RJ Barrett skill-set reminds me of rookie Tatum .. Only thing wrong is Boston youth Program are 10 times better than Knicks, plus Boston's coaching-staff are 10 times better than the Knicks, plus Boston has a way of instilling leadership into their veteran players to have their young players look for guidance from them. Plus Boston has a trio-offensive system that leads to easy points, and a get back quick system on defense that stops a lot of transition baskets. The Knicks Front-Office IDIOTS and Clueless coaching-staff has none of the above !!!


Hey tiger being in the minority is nothing out of the norm for me. As you have read in many of my post 'You don't draft high in a weak draft'. I don't think that giving example mean anything to anybody in this forum. You and other believe that drafting RJ was a Great move when we had Knot and Dotson. To get more good players(to me) would have been better than just one supposedly Good/Great player. Please remember RJ (for the unteenth time) has not out played Dotson for the starting SG job. He definitely couldn't win the SF job from Knot or Morris. So you give he a starting job and hype the opinion that he is so good. It real simple just 'PROVE IT'. Does he move the needle? Answer -- NO!!!

Tiger, maybe for all the average JOE's that majority opinion is excepted. I'm not in that group. Thanks for keeping me grounded.

If you ?don?t draft hi in a weak draft?.... does the same apply, that ?you don?t trade up in a weak draft?? Maybe there wasn?t a trade to be made, for you?re assuming somebody was willing to give us multiple picks for RJ.
If you “don’t draft hi in a weak draft”.... does the same apply, that “you don’t trade up in a weak draft”? Maybe there wasn’t a trade to be made, for you’re assuming somebody was willing to give us multiple picks for RJ.

Why of course someone(ATL) would have given up their two picks for all-world RJ(according to you). ATL may have wanted someone else instead of RJ. If RJ is this player that everybody(but me) is raving about then we shouldn't have any problem trading that pick for ATL(2 picks) or for a later 1st and player or two.

The issue is simply this Mafra. We were not in the position that the Washington Bullet were in by drafting Wes Unseld. We agree on that point. One player(RJ) wasn't going to change our team from last to first. So why draft him?? We needed a lot of good fundamental players that if you had Gaines on staff we could have found. Our & mine main team objective is and should be to build from within. In a few posts before your someone mention Boston and Tatum. That is a great example of trade back. They had the 1st and traded back for more picks with Philly. That draft layed a foundation for the team that they are now.

As for your "you don't trade up in a weak draft" statement. Several questions have to be asked in that scenario. 1. What is the current state of the team? 2. Is there a transformative player in that draft? 3. Can you afford it(will it gut your team)? The 2nd and 3rd questions are the key. The 2nd question is the key for us in drafting RJ. Move the needle!!! You know the answer and it doesn't take 5 years from now :))))


I?m sure you?ll be long gone in 5 years if RJ becomes another Kawhi.

I take RJ over Hunter and Redish or pretty much whatever was available. If you trust Knicks to identify and find the two gems in the draft... you have to send me whatever you?re taking.

Wes? You?re comparing apples to Oldsmobile

Again, show me the sweet savory deal Perry has on the table? ATL wasn?t offering two top 10 picks. Yes

You don?t rebuild and win in the modern NBA with 2 fundamentally sounds building blocks. It takes stars to win... multiple stars.... By 90% of the NBA community, there were 3 potential stars in this draft: RJ, Zion, Murant. And, of the 3, Zion and Ja were late risers that weren?t being mocked in top 3 eighteen months ago.

RJ may not be the ideal potential star, if I were building a roster. But, he was the last obvious one in the draft...

Sure, there are usually a few gems in every draft. Pinch me when we find out next Chandler, Lee, MJax...
If I'm alive in 5 years then I'll be here. There will no problems with me saying 'I'm wrong about RJ'. Will you be able to say the SAME??

No, I do not trust F.O. to identify one gem(RJ) least along two gem. The only way they can pick gems if they have one of the 1st five picks. Says alot about talent evaluation, huh. I have send you the players that I think should have been targeted. Again, they are and have not changed since the 1st time I send them. They are Jaxon Hayes, Eric Paschall, Mfiondu Kal and the Walker kid.

Wes vs RJ?? We are comparing a Ferrari to VW. MOVE THE NEEDLE!!!

I never mention anything about Perry having a deal on the table with anyone. Perry isn't that smart. When I spoke with Perry last year in ATL. I asked him about two things 1. the rumor about trading back with the Clippers in the 2018 draft. Answer - Yes, I heard about it. He kinda looked puzzle because it sounded like he never thought of it. 2. Had he given any thought to drafting Porter Jr who had fallen in the draft. Answer - No answer....Just a look. Like why are you asking these type of questions. As for ATL offering their 2 picks... Who knows if they were interested unless you pick up the phone and call. ATL was a young team and RJ or someone could have been very interesting to them.

Who are the 2 fundamentally sounds building blocks?? The Raptors seen to be doing alright without any superstar players. I beg to disagree with you about the 18 month statement. Zion was by all account the #1 NBA prospect before the college season started. 90% of the NBA community isn't what I judge talent by and never have. I was train by people who knows the different in talent and hype.

So you finally beginning to realize that RJ may not be the ideal potential star. "He was the last obvious one in the draft"??? I have a lot of problem with that statement and you should too. First of all "MOVING THE NEEDLE" and we know that ain't happening. Secondly, just because someone told you that he could be a potential star does he fit the team? No... Trier(not crazy about) could do the same thing if not better than RJ(not going to mention Dotson). We had more than enough good players at the SG. BTW was he drafted as an SF? We had Knox!! Strengthen the bench with good young players and pay them with F.A. money.

"Few gems in every draft".... That was my point about trading back. Hayes, Paschall, Wallker and Kal...IMO!!