Game Thread: New York Knicks @ Milwaukee Bucks 8:30pm 12/05/2015


Calderon actually looks like an NBA player lately. Defending and rebounding, I said him AA and Melo would have to have career years for them to make the playoffs maybe they don't have to play that well with kp6 way ahead of schedule.
Down 4 at the half. Melo with a nice close to the 2nd quarter attacking the rim, finding Afflalo open by passing out of the double team, and getting a steal.


Wally said what I was thinking they can steal this game on the road. They have to avoid their usual terrible 4th qtr.


Why dont Fisher tell these guys to start shooting 10 or 15 foot jumpers .. 3 balls are not going to help us tie the game against a running Bucks team, we need to start shootin 50%
Where's Broadway to give us permission to complain about the officiating? If we were to do so, we would be right to complain about how this game is being called.
Fisher does the right thing and pulls all the starters from the game at once. Back to back three pointers from Derrick Williams get the lead back down to 14.
2nd unit with a great effort in the back half of the 3rd quarter. They have trimmed the lead all the way back down to 10.
Jason Kidd has his crew well-trained in the flop. We are playing sloppy basketball and something tells me the return of our starters to the court is not going to help that.
Both teams' players seem to have had their fill of this officiating crew. I expect more techs before the game is over.