Game Thread: New York Knicks @ Minnesota Timberwolves 8:00 pm 11/30/2016 [Game#18]


I think i understand why Jennings plays so well with the Euro players, He went right over to play pro ball in Europe after High school.

This is how the coaches over there taught him to play, so he feels at home playing with Porzingis, Vulajc, Kuzminkas.

Constant movement in coach Hornachek offense.
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Hornachek put Rose and Melo back in the game and the offense died. A lead on verge of ballooning to 20 is suddenly down to 4 points. Incredible. 99-82 suddenly 101-97.


The worst call you'll ever see.... Ref misses an easy goaltend on KAT. They won't even look at it. Costs NY 2 critical points.


Melo airballs a three... bricks an elbow jumper.... can't secure a defensive rebound (which leads to game-tying three pointer. 20-3 run and now game is tied with 40 seconds left. Have to blame coach for putting Rose and melo back in. We've scored 3 points since their return.

kP with a big block inn kAT and snags 2 huge offensive rebounds! And a putback.


Melo steals the inbounds pass. Knicks win an ugly squeaker 106-104. I enjoyed the game though watching two developing stars in KP and KAT.


MN only made 4 3s. They are the 7th best 3 pt shooting team so they defended the 3 well tonight.

Kuz 4-5 from 3 career high 14 pts. KP gets the game ball. Nice job by Plumlee 4 pts 5 RBs.


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knicks survive a nerve wracking nailbiter behind marshall plumlee's career high 4 points :smokin:
seriously though, he played pretty well against towns. saw the same kind of activity from him when we beat atlanta.
last year we would've lost this game and would not have been able to pull it out at the end after a furious run from
a faster and more athletic opponent. hopefully on friday they won't bring me to the brink of a heart attack like tonight.
so here's the question... if cLee is not available for friday night, who gets the starting 2 spot?
holiday? that would be my guess. but, will horny maybe try sasha at the 2 to start?
and how about the kuuuuuuuuuuz? 4/5 from downtown.
back to .500!


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Melo, 21% shooting against OKC and now 31% against a lottery team. Either there's something wrong, maybe a minor injury, or Melo needs to get his act together. Of course, he hit that clutch game winning jumper, but we need a much more consistent performance from him. We play the Wolves, Kings, and Heat the next three games, all garbage teams, I'll be pretty pissed if you lose even one of these.