Game Thread: New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks 12:00 2/4/2018 [Game #54]


YIKES you saw this coming huh Tig?

Or is this just a classic case of putting Frank in the Tank?

Hornacek is not gonna cut into any of his favorite Knick players playingtime minutes (Lee THJ Gary and Lance) to give Burke the decent minutes he deserve in the rotation.
Having Baker n Frank out with injury .. Burke should receive 24 or more minutes in the next couple of games .. Burke may receive the playingtime minutes Hornacek refuse to give to Frank early in the season.
Hornacek Goal is TANKING .. Losing to the Low LOTTERY Hawks !!!


All Star
save us from what???
there r '3' ways to improve... 1st is via trades... since we have nuthin of value , thats DOA... next way is free agency... there r no tier 1 FA's coming this way... n finally there is the draft... the better we play, the later our pick n the chance of getting a stud diminish...

looks like we better tank...

Well similar to the Yankees it?s time to let the younger guys run the show which means jack, Thomas and even Lee need to see their minutes go down a bit, especially jack and Thomas.

Burke and ntilikina should take over the backcourt, Lee get his minutes and play hardaway when he?s on instead of off like the past two games.

Fire coach, I wrote a separate thread about how he has failed as our coach and needs to go. Maybe a firing will spark the team. And fire Rambis.

Trade at the deadline..Gomez wants out and Noah should be bought out. Leaving kanter, oquinn and KP to play minutes at the 5. Bring up kornett to see how he can develop.

Try to trade jack or make him the backup guard at best.
Try to obtain a pick or two at the deadline.

You hope playing young guys with more hunger and stamina gives us a better chance and a new coach can make us play more competitive.
Tank but hope for a random turnaround like the Yankees.

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