Game thread: New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks 3/22/2022 7:30pm [Game #71]


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(35-36) -- (30-41)

Madison Square Garden, New York, NYMSG7:30 PM EST


Wsup Rady, hope all is well .. Thanks for the Game-Thread, did we beat the Hawks yet this season?
Last year regular season the Knicks didn't give the Hawks one win in 4 games.
I will admit, after the Knicks postseason performance (1-4) vs the Hawks .. I wanted Randle & Barrett traded in the offseason for Dame, and the COY FIRED for taking Payton out of the rotation.


Announcer just said MRob 2nd in league in offensive rebounds. This is also his 66th games played this season.

As a NyK fan who wants to keep Mitch, I am prepared for the inevitable. He?s a goner. Some saying he?ll probably be used in a sign and trade to get Brunson out of DAL


AB with 11 points in the 1st Q?. 3-point shooting at 38% for year?.

26-21 Ny

3:26 left in 1st

For all the talk about how Knicks disappointed this season, ATL an even bigger disappointment


I think of how many games DRose has missed this season? I think this is game #42?.

Knicks are 5 behind ATL for playoff spot. If they win tonight, then it?s a 4 game lead.

If Rose plays in half the games he?s missed, I bet NYK in playoffs and 4 up on ATL

So, I posit that the most disappointing team in NY is still Nets.

They shouldn?t be in the bubble. This is year 3 with KD. Gonna be fun, as he enters Year 4, with no title?. Lol!

RJ scores with 0.6 seconds? then Grimes allows TY to catch and toss in a full court pass. That never should happen. Awful job defending inbounds and on Grimes.


It's bout time .. Sims has a veteran PF (Taj) in the front court lineup with him.
I hope they sta on the court for 7 min


Bench was horrible, quickly allowing BB to go on a personal 7-0 run. McBride looked lost.

Knicks were up 12 before this momentum swing?. It got ATL hot and they finished strong?. Last 3 minutes, game went from 52-52 to 64-58.

RJ to Obi highlight of first half.


Half-Time .. Knicks 58 - Hawks 64

Coach Thibs is a BUM !!!
Without Randle the Knicks should have a 10+ lead at half time.
Barrett getting 20 min, and being the first option in the first half is a LOSING formula.
All the shuffling of players in and out of the game in the first half will result in a losing formula, especially for a coach that doesn't give minutes to bench players plus had the 3rd worst starter lineup all season.


RJ has 17-7-3 in first half and was obviously NYK?s best facilitator, to any
Impartial set of eyeballs watching the game.

You are delusional if you think this NYK team is winning any game without Randle and RJ.

You want to see more McBride? Grimes? Did you. It watch ATL make them look foolish?


10-5-3 for OBI

6-0 Knicks run

Obi needs a PG and to play with pace? if they get a legit PG, Knicks should trade Randle and set Obi free to see what they have.


Quickley's the MAN to lead this Knicks team !!!
Not Barrett !!!

It?s basketball? what a revelation that is.

Yea, if NYK find a Pg and run offense through that man?s hands? everybody is for the better for it.

Problem is, with RJ off the court, Knicks cannot stop TY/BB