Game Thread: New York Knicks vs Cleveland Cavaliers (2014/12/04)

Acy is by no means a star, but he is only 24 and can still grow immensely as a role player. The trade of Ellington, Tyler, and a 2nd round pick for him may prove to be our best franchise trade in a very long time.
Melo has made some nice passes tonight, but his shooting just isn't there. He needs to just flat out stop shooting.
Out of nowhere, great last sequence of the 3rd quarter, sparked by Larkin, Stat, and THJ, to turn a 2 point deficit into a 5 point lead. Let's go Knicks!
Cavs terrible interior defense almost makes it too easy, but still, THJ latest guy to setup Stat for a vicious dunk.


Funny how STATs bitch azz wants to play now that his gravy train is about over

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The championship Cavs look more like a weak struggling 8th seed team.
Great STUFF Stat .. im tired of seein Stat have to dribble to dunk
Damn, I'm starting to love Coach Fisher. Makes sure and gets the timeout to setup this final minute play down by 1. Unlike Woodson, I think he may draw up something other than an ISO play from 22 feet. I hope.
Wow, never realized Irving is such a baby. Yelling at his own coach because he took a timeout to setup the final play.


This can not be happenin .... Prigioni gave us the 10 point lead in the 2nd qtr., and gets DNP in the 2nd half
Another heartbreaker. Lottery ball continues. No reason Melo should have gotten that shot, but whatever, we stink worse than I have seen in a long time and it looks like it may never end. Who knows? Maybe now that Philly has won a game, we can just go full out tie anchors to our ankles and sink all the way to the bottom. Just miserable.


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Another loss but some bad calls down the stretch...bottomline Kyrie went crazy Knicks backcourt absolutely worthless

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When the coach dont play the same-players in 1st unit lineup for 24 minutes a game.
And don't play the same-players in the 2nd unit lineup for 16 minutes a game, throughout the first 20 games in the season.
Having 8 new players, and half of them belong in the D.League .... The coach is not playing to gain player-chemistry.
Thats why the Knicks record stands at 4-16


Hey guys, I only watched a few minutes tonight....Sadly we lost the game at the end i see. Kiya's right, 6 players are D Leaguers. No team gets it done that way. I give the guys credit for being in the game at all


Carmelo takes 19 shots. Amare shoots the ball 13 times. They both play 30 minutes. Knicks are playing a home game. Guess what? Combined... Our nearly 45 million duo are awarded TWO free throw attempts. 2!

Somehow, Cavs come to MSG and get 26 FT shots to our 6 attempts. An absolute joke.

Varejo clearly swiped at and fouled Amare on his dunk down the stretch. No call. But then Varejo gets sent to FT line when he wasn't touched.

All of this is expected tho... But to call that travel on Melo was a pathetic excuse for a call. How do you make that call? That was after a few offensive calls on us too.

i want us to finish 4-78, so I am cool. But something must be done. Refs continually screw Dolan's knicks on a nightly basis at MSG.

Thank you Shump. Great defense on that final possession. Way to let Irving blow right by you for a layup. And, plz... Pass the ball Melo. You were missing layups... You were 4-19 from the floor... Noboby on Earth wants to see you go 1-on-1 with best bball player on the planet, only to hoist up a terrible, desperation three point clanker.


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I am so sick of watching the same old story every game.Melo couldn't hit the ocean if he wanted to YET he still feels like he should shoot every time.This guy is all about me,myself and I and thats all he will ever be!! Anybody could see how much better they played tonight in the 3rd when Melo went to the bench!! Everybody touched the ball and everybody scored and that goes to tell you what the problem is and that problem is Melo.He came back in the game it turned back into the iso melo and the Cavs got the lead for good.The guy simply will not play team ball and that will never change b/c he doesn't want to change.This team doesn't have talent players on it BUT from what I seen tonight they are better than a 4=16 record.The problem is that you have to HUGE ego's on the team in Melo and JR!!! As long as they are on this team then you can forget about winning b/c you can't win with two players thats only plays for themselves and not the team.