Game Thread - New York Knicks vs Indiana Pacers - March 7, 2015

We'll see if our guys can do any better against Indiana than that terrible effort earlier in the week. More importantly, we continue to count down the schedule with 22 games left to be played. Will we win another game this season before both Philly and Minny each win another game? Let the conspiracy theorists continue to debate.
Amundson out tonight with back spasms and Jason Smith rolls into the starting lineup. Hurts our second unit more than our starting lineup in my opinion. Maybe Acy or Wear get some more minutes tonight.
How is Hibbert averaging only 7 rebounds a game? Melo was averaging 6.5 this season. What happened to the Hibbert from 2 postseasons ago? I refuse to accept the Pacers, even with a healthy George, as a legitimate contender in the East with this pathetic version of Hibbert.
Shot clock violation on our opening possession and West drains a jumper down the other end. Will we trail wire to wire yet again?
Early has now missed 15 straight three pointers. Is he supposed to be a guy who can regularly hit a three? I can't remember enough about him when he was still in college.
Next possession Early attacks the hoop and draws foul shots, which is good, but he's only a 67% FT shooter apparently.
Bargs stuffs Hibbert. On the other end of the court, Indiana has switched West onto Bargs after he hit 2 FGs against Hibbert. Shved subs into the game less than 5 minutes into the first quarter for THJ.
We just finished a 9 - 2 run to give us our first lead of the night. Hibbert just missed a dunk. Is he really this bad?


Bargs has been the Knicks best player. If no one else is interested in him it would not surprise me if he comes back to the Knicks on a one year deal.
33 - 31 Pacers lead with less than 4 minutes to go before the half. This is a pretty lousy game to watch despite how it is close.
Poised to maybe steal one here from Indiana. We're up by 3 heading into the 4th quarter and they look flat.
Indiana with no answer for the energy and effort of Larkin, Acy, Aldrich, Lance Thomas, and Shved early here in the 4th. Our lead is now 9.
Pacers continue to use Hibbert to guard our guys like Acy while either West or Scola guards Bargs. So, Hibbert is a bad offensive player, rebounds poorly for a guy over 7 feet, and can't handle the opposing team's offensive center, why does he get so many minutes? Indiana should be searching the country for the All-Star version of Hibbert from a few years ago, because this guy ain't him.