Game Thread - New York Knicks vs Toronto Raptors - February 28, 2015

Sad night at the Garden as everyone remembers Mase.

Tougher matchup for the Knicks than last night, but no reason we can't carry our momentum forward. Despite the double OT game last night, we play such a deep rotation that we should be okay energy wise. In particular, interested to see if Bargs and Amundson can string together two consecutive good games. Let's go Knicks!


I suggested that Bargs ceiling was higher than either Smith or Aldrich and if Bargnani plays like yesterday and if we could sign him for the MLE Phil might do it. A victory against the Raps tonight would go a long way to prove Bargs value.
DeRozan trying to do a 360 dunk on an uncontested fast break and missing it is one of the stupidest, most selfish things I've ever seen an NBA player do.


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Strong 1st quarter, especially from Hardaway. Why can't THJ do anything in the rest of games?

I still think he's a better long term option than Shump but the question you ask about his's puzzling. Raptors look a little lost and in a deep funk. Knicks may just win tonight back-to-back fashion.
I like this kid Shved. He seems to make good things happen on both ends of the court in his limited minutes.


I like this kid Shved. He seems to make good things happen on both ends of the court in his limited minutes.
Houston fans said he sucks but that's not the guy I gave the game ball to in the first half yesterday, he did a little bit of everything yesterday. He's got 8pt in 4 minutes. Need to see more of him by I agree he's helped since his arrival.
These last couple games have been just flat out bizarre to watch. We are putting Galloway, THJ, Early, Bargs, and Amundson out there and they are competing and showing at times some decent chemistry that is giving much better rosters real difficulty. Where the hell is this coming from?
Is it a conditioning issue with THJ? Why can this guy night after night put up 8 to 10 points in the 1st quarter and then be completely ineffective for the rest of the game? He has 22 points, but his shooting in the 3rd quarter has been poor.
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For the second night in a row, refs seem to be treating us kindly. Can't believe how many free throws we have been shooting lately. Tonight we are 24 for 27 and the 3rd quarter isn't even over yet.
Up 75 - 71 going into the 4th. Can we actually pull this one off and win on back to back nights after not winning for almost a month?
Shved creating off the dribble and attacking the hoop on one possession and then draining a three on the next possession. Shved's 3rd straight game with double digit scoring.
The athleticism and energy of guys like Amundson, Lance Thomas, Larkin, and Shved is giving Toronto fits right now. Our lead is up to 9 with only 7 minutes left.
Unreal. The defense is relentless and the ball movement is superb. Amundson, a career journeyman, looks like a stud. We are playing so well tonight and so few people are watching.
Raptors don't want to let us have this one. Despite the absence of Lowry, they are fighting back and our lead is down to 6.
4 point lead with 58 seconds to go. We just need to keep doing what we've been doing to close this one out.