Game Thread: NY Knicks @ Indiana Pacers 02/20/13 7:00


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The New York Knicks return from the All Star break empty handed.

Steve Novak did decent in the three point contest but last season's best shooter in the league fell to Kyrie Irving

James White disappointed in the Slam Dunk and Terrence Ross brought the Raptors their second trophy after Vince Carter in 2000

Carmelo Anthony led his team and was close of winning the MVP but the East fell short 138-143 in spite of his 26 points and 12 rebounds heroics. Tyson Chandler added 7 points and 8 boards.

Now the break is over and the Knicks must now continue their quest, facing the runners-up Indiana Pacers on their own ground. The Pacers (32-21) are close of bridging the gap and a win will put them 2 games behind New York (32-18) but with Brooklyn so close in the race, any wrong step might be dangerous.

Previous Meetings:

November 18th, 2012: Indiana Pacers 76 -New York Knicks 88
January 10th, 2013: New York Knicks 81 - Indiana Pacers 76

Starting Lineups:


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Offense is all ISO. Defense is just horrendous all the way around -- getting beat off the dribble, late/not helping, not fighting over screens, etc. Woody, looking at you dude.

And BAM, thank you Novak.

T.O Knick

Great job coach...we're going to ISO our way into a deep playoff run...JOKE!!!!!!

Knicks have become pathetically predictable last few months, Teams know simply don't double, lazy early season D of teams doubling non stop on Melo is over. Knicks live in a world where teams don't make adjustments. Have two options move the ball and thereby create quality shots for five players or let Melo and JR dribble for 20 seconds and launch a desperation jumper.

Woody keeps this up and he is going to ISO his way out of a job.