Game Thread: Washington Wizards @ New York Knicks - 2/14/18

It?s Valentine?s Day. Let?s see if Hornacek keeps breaking my heart with his rotations. Let?s go Knicks!
Hot Valentine?s Day tip for all the guys out there. Make sure your wife?s flowers get delivered before she goes to bed. Still waiting for the flower delivery at our household and my wife just gave up. Good times.
Last game for us before the All-Star break. After tonight, we don?t play again until 2/22. This would be a great time for us to get rid of Hornacek, but I?ve given up on that hope for this season.
Optimistic projections have KP returning from his ACL repair by Christmas 2018. Some might argue why bring him back so fast next season when we?re likely going to be in the tank again.
Kanter, Beasley, THJ, Lee, and Jack are starting. Very, very good chance this is the last time we see this starting lineup.
Over 6 minutes into the 1st quarter and our starters are all still in the game. They are playing well together.
Knicks lead by 13 at the end of the 1st quarter. Pretty much all THJ and Kanter who combine for 27 points on 10 for 12 shooting from the floor.
Ntilikina flips in a nice one handed layup on the iso play. Knicks start the 2nd quarter with Ntilikina, Mudiay, LT, Beasley, and O?Quinn.