Gamethread: Knicks ignore scheduled maintenance and fail to change oil, Pistons seize


Overall we ALL played well tonight

JR SMITH i'd have to say is the MVP of the night



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Good win today after losing 2 straight. The defense is still shaky but luckily the shooting is amazing. Knicks beat DET the way they were supposed to but gave up way too many points.

What the hell happened to Camby? 4 min overall! He wasn't even on the bench halfway through the 4th qtr.


We dont play D since Houston

Chandler is worst Knick he plays no D he just rebouding and put backs nothing more he sux totaly.

Now its Barkley time @NETS i am worry for this game very :(


when Melo is resting we need 2 bigs playing so the opposite teams dont catch up on 2nd chance points , rebounding and gettin in the paint

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It's still there. The issue is the team defense.

Actually today's team D was great in the first half, I think we got ****y and assumed we were going to just steam roll them in the second half.

What's killing us is the offensive rebounds, we had 5 really good defensive stances then gave up the offensive board and the scored on them, take those away and we don't give up 100 and we are able to rest starters much earlier.


The 3-10 No-competition Detroit Pistons in MSG .... the tickets shouldve been less than half price for a Knicks vs Piston game .. especially on a day when the Giants vs Green Bay Packers.

I had to put the Knicks game on mute .. commentator Walt Clyde Frazier was spitting bullshaat praises about Melo Melo Melo, trying to make Melo jock strap smell like a womens sweet perfume, even when Melo wasnt in the game .. Frazier was pathetic to listen to.
When the game looked like JR.Smith did a Kobe, Lebron, D.Wade to the no-competition Pistons, with Novak doing a Ray Allen.

Do anyone know how old the Pistons backup center Drummond is?
He is the type of young center with potential I would like to have on our roster with all our "Old-Heads" this season.