How are we letting Jackie Carmichael get away?


How are we not jumping at the opportunity to sign undrafted Illinois State PF Jackie Carmichael for a couple of years?

He is exactly the sort of low-risk young banger we could use to back up our bigs.

Here is a link to one of the scouting reports:

Why would we let some other team get a shot at him in the summer league?

With all the deals that went on last night, it is almost unconscionable that we did not manage to acquire a second round pick. Grunwald's rather lame excuse that "no one seemed to like any of our ideas" was troubling at best.

With players like Wolters and Muscala out there available for almost nothing, it was really strange that we were seemingly so passive.
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> He's better than Tim Hardaway Jr.

We have no reason to be hating on Tim Hardaway Jr. Give the kid a chance before you start slamming him.

I just think we should be looking to give some other young players a chance and not just signing old veterans.


Why is it hating?

Jackie averaged 17 ppg 9 rebounds and 2 blocks. He rebounds and defends the ball...he scores more points in a more efficient fashion.

Stop being so sensitive. No one is getting slammed. These are the facts. Carmichael has an NBA body and he was a more productive player. Why are we acting like Tim Hardaway Jr. is Victor Olapido?

Hardaway will get his chance, but for now he's a huge mystery to how he can contribute to helping this team win and isn't a sure thing. People really hate research and like holding on to this feel good heart feeling, just hoping a guy will pan out. If you check the numbers, Tim Hardaway Jr. was one of the least productive SG's in this draft group and it wasn't even a strong draft to be begin with.


I love Carmichael's numbers, but that doesn't mean that I don't like the Hardaway pick. I think college numbers can be deceptive, otherwise Muscala would have gone in the first round, as well as Erick Green. I just think we should not be asleep at the wheel with regard to second round and undrafted talent. Another undrafted I thought we should give a shot to is Myck Kabango. Apparently the Miami Heat agree (they signed him to their summer league team). It is pathetic that Miami is more alert to undrafted talent at a position (backup point guard) where we have a desperate need.


Meanwhile on another front, what do folks know about AJ Matthews. I found a little bit online, but not a whole bunch.


Meanwhile on another front, what do folks know about AJ Matthews. I found a little bit online, but not a whole bunch.

D3 competition is pretty weak...very hard to find footage on that level of basketball.

CJ Leslie- Knicks
Phil Pressey- Celtics
Rodney Williams-76ers
Brandon Triche-Bobcats
Troy Daniels-Bobcats
CJ Harris-Nuggets
Scott Wood-Clippers
Richard Howell-Nuggets

Vander Blue-Grizzlies
Jack Cooley-Grizzlies
Brandon Paul-Wolves
Matt Dellavedova-Magic
Brandon Davies-Clippers
Myck Kabongo-Heat
Seth Curry-Bobcats
DJ Stephens-Heat/Mavs
Christian Watford-Mavs/Pacers
Dewayne Davis-Warriors
CJ Aiken-Kings
Courtney Fells-Celtics
Ian Hummer-Lakers
Scotty Hopson-Heat
Khalif Wyatt-76ers
Nick Minnerath-Kings

Jackie Carmichael
Trevor Mbakwe-likely gone to sixers
BJ Young
Micheal Snaer


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A lot of attention on Twitter saying he's signed with the Heat.

No "real" sources but a lot of being saying it.


According to the NY Post, we have signed CJ Leslie for more than just the summer league; and had him highly ranked on our board. This seems to imply that we had him higher than Jackie Carmichael all along.

I am not sure that I agree with that assessment, but it is what it is. It explains what has been going on in this area.

Leslie is a better shot-blocker, and may have a better jump shot; while Carmichael is a better rebounder and has a better feel for the game. I tend to like high IQ players over athletes, but the Knick scouts seem to go the other way on that.

That said, with Shumpert, Hardaway, Leslie, and possibly Matthews and Copeland we seem to be headed towards a better core of young athletes as role players than last year, so we have to be reasonably happy with that.

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You can play on 2 different summer league teams. Because one is in Orlando and the other in Vegas. Kabongo is playing for the Heat in Orlando but the Knicks play in Vegas so there's still a chance he gets an invite