I think we need new uniforms


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We didn't wear these this year and I think we should remove the black just like they did from the logo, use a light grey as the 3rd color


black is so corny and unoriginal as a 3rd color

the Bulls, Heat, Spurs, Kings and Wolves it works for them but we need that classic orange, blue and white back

Also ever since we got these new uniforms things haven't been good for the franchise, from letting go of JVG, to Isiah, to just poor front office decisions leading to poor player acquisitions and poor play on the court

I'm just sayin these uniforms remind me too much of Isiah, Marbury, Curry and Poor Knicks Basketball


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Yeah I'd like grey as the alternate, color I just think black is too dull


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I just wish we went back to the rounded collar. Don't like the V-neck look of these new jerseys.


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I love the Fraizer and Bradley uniforms

Chicago has the best uniforms in the league, straight classic, Boston straight classis

I hate our uniforms to be honest, the jersey's we wore on Melo's debut are the best uniforms in Knicks history, call Dolan tell him he can make a lot of money off changing uniforms

I think we're in the process of it happening with us removing the black out of the logo


when the took out the black from the primary logo the Knicks have the softest logo in the league it looks like WNBA like colors now.
I have heard from several places that we are going to be getting new/old uniforms next year, and taking out the black completely to be wearing essentially the Frazier jersey in the first post. Taking the black out of the logo was just the first step.

I, for one, really like the black in our jerseys and wish they'd keep it.


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I like black but I just think it can be utilized better

I think a darker blue, not navy but a little darker than royal will pop better with the orange or we keep the blue we have and go with burnt orange(Texas)