Is it possible to move/remove the in-post ads?


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These ads are so obtrusive. They make images shrink to illegible sizes and they cover up one third of embedded youtube videos. I really dislike them and it makes me use adblock on the site which I don't want to do if rady gets some income from pay-per-view ads.

Edit- Also having adblock enabled on the site removes a lot of the functionality such as seeing who/how many people are online etc, basically anything below the advert that exists in the Who's online area of the front page disappears with adblock enabled.


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The ads are embedded in the last post from each thread, it's annoying for me too especially with the fixed width of the forum but it's the way the developers of this software chose to have them displayed without harming the template files on upgrade. I'll try and move the code in one of the template files to have them appear under the post, just like in the first message case.