Josh Howard on the Knicks?


Hey guys, just read that Josh Howard is considering the Knicks. Do we even have room for a guy like this? I have always liked his play but he has had injuries and not very productive the last couple of season, any thoughts?

Kidd Karma

Never been the sharpest tool in the shed, combine that with what he's made a living in the NBA and that's his athleticism, knees injuries have robbed him of that. For vet minimum, don't mind taking him on, not going to come in and demand Carmelo's minutes. Good defender. As no more than a 15 minute guy, he's good depth, but his days of starting, being a top 8 rotation guy is least for a team with championship aspirations.


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Jazz free agent forward Josh Howard expected to make a decision soon, source tell Y! Sports. Utah, IND, GS, BK and NY in mix.

Thread title somewhat misleading lol, should be "Josh Howard interested in Knicks"

I don't see Josh getting much playing time on the Knicks, i liked him when he was with Dallas he was a solid player but he hasn't been the same player since his ACL injury.

Kenyon Martin OR Matt Barnes are bigger needs

Martin- Paint enforcer down low off the bench with Camby

Barnes- Another body to throw at Lebron, Durant etc etc
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would fit in with the old ass crew we have running the show here but would increase our average age yet again. still has a good shot so yeah, for the right price...


I hear you guys. The first thing that pops into mind when I hear josh howard is a little bit of everything type of guy. I used to have him in my fantasy league before the injuries and he would always but in the work. I personally think Kenyon Martin would be a great player for the last roster spot we have open, but i like josh and wish he could come close to his old stats if given the opportunity


Rotation player
this guy is a starter, amare is a starter, and hes not playing for what we have to give him


Rotation player
I think this is the guy that spit on the American flag.

He used to ball at a high level and prior to LAST season I thought he had a strong chance at returning to All-Star form. But now, those dreams are dead.

He's done, put a turkey in him.

No thanks.


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