kevin love already willing to sign long term in clev


Espn already reporting love will sign long term if traded to clevland. **** makes me so sick, knicks wont even contend for the east until lebron is outta the league, he sucks up all the fa s.......its a miserable time to be a fan of any team besides clev, sa or okc


They got to give up Wiggins to get Love so thats a good thing. No telling how good that kid Wiggins is going to be.


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Love could wait until next year when he's a free agent to sign know to play with Melo and for Phil in New York. Love has to be in Melo's black book right and vice versa huh?

But why do that when you can play with Lebron in a great city such as Cleveland
I dont think Lebron will put up with Love's poor defensive-effort

Yeah, seriously. If Love is the other star that Cleveland can grab, than their ceiling becomes more limited. I think people underestimate just how bad Love is defensively. He is rotten. Cleveland becomes much scarier if they keep that other star slot open for a legit two way big man.


SOURCE: Phil Jackson Really Really Wants Kevin Love to Make Sweet Love To Melo

While shedding Stat and Bargnani and getting Love is an unbelievable upgrade, we would have to bring in the love child of Dennis Rodman and Bruce Bowen as our 3rd front court player to even out how poor a defensive combo it would be to have Love and Melo.


Cleveland ain't givin up Wiggins, looking like GS Warriors may be his destination this year. and if it doesn't happen this year... hello Love!


Supposedly Lebron spoke to Love, found money when Lebron talks to you and wants you on his team. Flip better not wait to pull the trigger on a deal for Wiggins or he might get left holding the bag and gets nothing for Love.
Please let the Cavs trade Wiggins, Bennett, and a future #1 pick for Love. Not only will it make the Cavs a more fun team to watch this year, without actually making them a championship team, but it will keep them completely out of the big money free agent market next offseason. No way we wanted Love as the guy to pair with Melo.