Knicks had Curry at 5? then D-Walsh happened


You know, I always felt D Walsh was one of the worst GMs in NYK history. He bungled Melo trade (although many blamed Dolan and he made us look like dolts in pursuing LJ).

Curry and D?antoni was always a match dreamed up in heaven. It was obvious.
Steph Curry was going to be a NYK?. I always suspected that Walsh screwed it up? now we have confirmation.

?The Knicks owned the No. 8 overall selection in 2009, but Curry went one pick ahead of them at No. 7 to the Golden State Warriors. New York had to settle for Arizona forward Jordan Hill, who averaged 7.9 points and 5.8 rebounds in 409 career regular-season games.

Meanwhile, Curry has established himself as one of the greatest players in NBA history with eight All-Star selections, three championships, two scoring titles and two NBA MVP awards in 13 seasons.

Curry is also the greatest three-point shooter in NBA history, making a record 3,117 three-point field goals during his illustrious career.

Given D'Antoni's penchant for coaching an uptempo, high-volume offensive style, he and Curry likely would have meshed well.

Adding to the agony of missing out on Curry was D'Antoni's story about how the Knicks had an opportunity to ensure they could select him.

D'Antoni said the Knicks had a deal in place to move up to the No. 5 overall pick, but they would have had to trade a roster player in order to do so.

By D'Antoni's recollection, the front office felt they would land Curry at No. 8 regardless, so they decided against the trade and stood pat, which was a decision that came back to bite them.?


The Golden State Warriors were Pissed at the Knicks for the Sprewell for Starks trade, and then the season before the Curry draft the Knicks traded BUM Jamal Crawford to the GSW early in the season making the GSW a Lottery team.
So when BIG mouth owner Dolan announced he was drafting Curry, the GSW had the pick before the Knicks, and selected Curry out of Spite to the Knicks. The GSW had 6 guards under contract before the draft. .


DUM DUM 2010 Plan Walsh trading David Lee to GSW for a bunch of super BUST players need to be sued by the Knicks organization for $12M