Knicks sign forward Ike Diogu


He's the latest signing. Heard his name before but never seen him play. Guessing he's a 15th man on most teams. is he decent defensively?


I saw him play live in Puerto Rico (BSN)
He has a good jumpshot. He's a PF/C who can hit a threes.
Defense is terrible, like Amare bad.

He's always be a good offensive player (17-18 ppg per 36 minutes) He averages 3.5 offensive rebounds at that per 36 he can be productive on the offensive end.

The problem is his inability to move the ball, he's literally an Eddy Curry type blackhole on offense....big men with poor turnover to assist ratios tend to be negative for teams who try to maintain an efficient offense.

It is a contradiction, since we have Amare and Bargnani on this team.

Now we have 3 big men who give us nothing on defense and something on offense but it isn't spectacular nor does it help ball movement.

I'm really not feeling this roster, another bad move and I'll end up missing Isiah Thomas.


yeah, neither do i. Sadly, i don't have us in the top 5 in the, no championship, again...Wish Dolan would consider selling


Latest is Ike opened some eyes with his game against Boston and has the inside track against Powell and Aldrich. Aldrich has disappointed with his physicality at the 5.