Knicks @ Suns - Wed, Dec 26 9:00pm


After watching him play against the Knicks tonight I really thought that Jared Dudley was a borderline all-star until I checked out his career stats.


All Star
Kidd's been the best player in this game. He basically took the ball out of Jermaine Oneals hands and finished with the left handed layup. He continues to school these young fools in the league with his upfake from the perimeter. He's hittin 3's, rebounding, passing...still doing all the things he did when he was in his prime. Hes that angry drunk determined to get his way, willing to fight through 4 or 5 men to get out that door and drive himself home. Same way he balls on the court, very competitive on both ends of the court.

The Camby man with 9 rebounds in 13 minutes