Knicks @ the All Star Weekend Thread



Lets keep track of our boys during this All Star Weekend.

James White - Dunk Contest

Steve Novak 3pt Contest

Tyson Chandler NBA All Star

Carmelo Anthony NBA All Star Starter



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no one is hyped?
I ain't cause my LP package doesn't include today's contests, I paid those bastards more than ?150 and I all I get from the all-star weekend is the rising stars challenge or whatever it's called and the all-star game which is pretty worthless. I wanted to see Novak and White and in order to do that they want me to pay additional ?10, **** them, they ain't gonna get even a buck more.


Grid or Riot
Did you get that Brazilian commercial too? I was checking some other stuff in the meantime and then bang a Portuguese voice screaming. WTF NBA?


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LMAO these guys are hilarious commentating...

"I think he's gonna dunk both the balls"

*misses dunk*

"Nope, neither"


LMAO these guys are hilarious commentating...

"I think he's gonna dunk both the balls"

*misses dunk*

"Nope, neither"

That between the legs dunk by Ross was delicious. Wow. :peace:

....and nice dunk wearing the VC Raptors jersey. I got hyped. Ross for Shumpy. lol



Damn Faried.............

I'm still upset with management for NOT selecting Kenneth Faried in the 2011 draft ..
It's hard to forgive stupidity when we were in rebuilding-mode 2010-11 season.

It look like both, Novak & J.White couldve use some team supportive confidence (Melo/Tyson) in the 3-ball & Slam-dunk contest.
They Look Bad .. when their skills are so much better


James Fright White's uninspired performance should get him cut from the Knicks.
I liked the flight attendants, but his dunks were subpar attempts.

A poor rep! His lacking as a dunker in the spotlight translates to his lack as player
for the NY Knickerbockers. Cut him now! that would be hilarious. blame Dolan.

the chemistry Knicks had at beginning of season has faded to a .500 team.
it's time for fresh blood, rather than wait for Sheeet or Gumby to return healthy.
pick up Amundsen, or KMart. or anyone else for that matter.

where's finestrung when you need his opinion?

i thought Novakaine started off slow, but finished respectfully.
there was no beating Kyrie-diculous last night.
that kid's gonna be MVP some day.