Knicks Tickets?


Hello guys.

Would like to buy tickets to the game either on 3/26 or 3/28. My brother's birthday is on 3/27 so we would like to get some tickets for his birthday.

I remember last year i bought two tickets for about 40-50 bucks each. The tickets doubled this year and quite frankly i have no idea why. Is it because of the revamping of the garden? Or the arrival of Lin?

Can someone tell me where the best place to get some tickets? Im not looking for expensive seats just the highest sections. Where can i get some tickets? On stubhub it says about 82 bucks. Does this price decrease as we approach the day of the game? If so, what can i expect the price to be?

Thanks alot for your help, i hope im not breaking any forum rules.


I got Soul
The prices will probably INCREASE and get sold out quickly as the day approaches. If you want tickets, you should get them asap.

At this point in time look at websites like stubhub and vividseats, considering ticketmaster is usually sold out of the cheaper tickets. Look around, you never know what you'll find.

I'm going to my first game on the 31st (I live in Vegas so I'm flying over to NY for a bit) and two tickets, with shipping, taxes, and all that cost me around $220. And those were some of the cheaper seats I saw that weren't ridiculously far up.

And last year they declared they would be increasing prices by 49%, considering the renovation, the arrival of Melo and Stat, and such. Of course, Jeremy Lin also contributed to that.

Good luck!


also i believe they are not finished with the upper tier seats, is this right?

Maybe those seats will be cheaper when they're done renovating those sections. And i heard there will be a bridge going across the arena.

Anxious to see these changes.

Thanks alot for your help!