Knicks Top 10 Plays V Lakers - Game 22 - Special Ending Awaits!



YouTube still won't let me upload the @ BKN and V Lakers games, even under different titles and without the plays numbered. Special edition and TNT games it seems are a no no on YouTube, so all of those games will have to go on to Metacafe.

The thing is though, I could still upload single plays from both @ BKN and V Lakers.

I just do not understand it :shrug: [/SIZE]
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Seems to me that it'd be worth the call to be honest, would clear it up and benefit a lot of people to find out what they have to avoid.

However, knowing how useful telephone support usually is, I imagine they wouldn't have a clue anyway.


No doubt!

I'm not calling them, though. They can eat a d*ck. I'm thinking about starting my own, cheap Video Blog site and uploading them there. Not sure about the capacity though. All up every game of the season will be around 40-50GB I reckon. No doubt that'd cost a mint. Faaaaaaaarrrrrk.

I've just uploaded some clips from the Lakers game, and they've gone up fine. I'm wondering if the NBA has denied videos that exceed the time frame of their own game highlights? Taking it one step above their own may be what ruffled the feathers.