Knicks trade Willy Gomez for Johnny O?Bryant and two 2nd round picks


I agree. I think the Knicks felt WHG became expandable with Kanter and Kornet. And, since we had dealt away our second round picks in 2020 and 2021, this move made lots of sense.

I think Kanter picks up his option and stays here next year. After that, NY hope Kornet blossoms into something...

I do think Oerry likes having KOQ and Kanter in that locker room. Will be interesting to see how much that leadership is worth. Do we try to re-sign KOQ? Will we hope Kanter signs a 4 years 50 mil type deal?

Kanter at about 10 mil a year is fine... if he wants 15+ mil plus per then we let him walk.

Bottom line: Kornet and Hicks and Kanter and KOQ rendered WHG obsolete.


kanter at 10m??? i doubt it... noah got 18m... i am not saying we keep him/or let him go at or minus, thats up to smarter minds then my feeble brain... steven adams is signed for 4yrs, average around 24m, miami's whiteside 3x25, dummond 4x25... i think kanter is the "O" equal of any of them (maybe better)- on "D" he trails em a bit- but 10m??? - way toooo low

cav's thompson is getting 3x17m .... and i'd take kanter any day over that "TURD"...