Knicks V Heat Top Plays - What a win!


The Knicks WIN over 2 time Championship Miami Heat, without JRsmith in the rotation (DNP) is just another reason why headcoach Mike Woodson should be FIRED asap.

Mike Woodson has stop us from developing a chemistry PG/SG tandem in the backcourt for two seasons, by taking bench-player JRsmith off the bench, and into the game 2 minutes to 4 minutes after tip-off. Woodson did this for 80 games lastseason, and 29 games this season.
Why should Woodson be FIRED .. JRsmith has no chemistry with any PG we had on the roster the past 3 seasons.
Does JR & Felton talents Gell? Does JR & Prigioni talent Gell? Does JR & Beno talent Gell?
Does Woodson let JRsmith play the entire 4th quarter?

How would u like to be a Knicks starter to be pulled out each game the first 4 minutes into the game ??? for a juvenile-delusional 38% shooter with poor defensive skills (Mr. JRsmith)...

When Mike Woodson started adding the 6th man (JR) into the game so early as 2 minutes .. PG-Jeremy Lin didnt want any part of this, Landry Fields didnt want to be our rebounding big-guard starter, Brewer didnt want to be a starter any longer, Kidd took himself out of the starter lineup, Prigioni complain about it as a starter, Meta wanted no part of being a 2 or 4 minute starter, and Iman Shump has been yelling n screaming at HC Woodson & Melo all this season.