Lakers will hunt 2014/15 MELO STAT JAMES


Just heard on ESPN that [as most know] Lakers have full cap space for 2014 FA so they can hunt for any big time player and can give much more than others so they will hunt for Carmelo Lebron and Stat that 3rd name is interesting

Something is fishy we also know that NBA will not rig any Lakers game so who know

i dont know how you will react for this but if MELO cant win with Knicks will he leave for Lakers?


Grid or Riot
No, he won't. It's just some media crap to create more clicks and revenues. If something's stated by the Post or ESPN it's usually nothing worth, Stephen A and Broussard always spread some weird rumors based on unknown sources. Berman and Isola usually follow.


NY can pay Melo to stay, now what i would watch is where Melo's wife is working at, because if she works in LA he might make the move.


i dont care where LALA is staying or/if she wana move

in 2014 Heat big three will not retain. One of them will b forced to leave there will no cap space for them.

Thats why media will be talkin all season long where Lebron where Wade where Bosh will land.

Knicks key factor is also july 2014 MELO STAT Chandler all of them also contract will expire.