Lance Thomas


I never expected him to expand his game this way but its a thing of beauty. Best way to improve the team is always from within.

He's a pro .. great-handle, great passing, great decision-making, no tunovers, plus shoot at a good 47% lifting our offense. It's to bad the NBA dont have stats for (Lance) relentless defense.

I feel bad .. I didn't support Lance signing.
And Lance turn-out to be one of the player i select to be in our 8 man rotation ..
Go figure :smokin:


A lot of guys haven't liked him but I've been behind him 100% saying he's earned his minutes. Last year he had attempted about 3 3 pt shots his whole career and now he attempts at least a couple a game and is hitting them at an elite level. He's always been a hustle type player and one of our better perimeter defenders but when you add his offensive production this year he's way underpaid. Two way player making less than 2M is unreal and I hope he gets paid next year hopefully by us.