Late Game Thread Knicks vs Raptors (Game #45)


I missed the 3 pm Game .. I'm watching the 6:30 game on NBA free League pass
The Knicks are playing the end of a Back to Back matinee game (3 games in 4 days)

The Raptors came out to play ball at tip-off in MSG taking a 29-25 first quarter.
The Knicks bench players started pushing the ball in the 2nd quarter to out score the Raptors 34-27.

Half-Time .. Knicks 59 - Raptors 56
Raptors coach Nurse playing a 7 man rotation
Knicks coach Thibs playing a 8 man rotation


All Star
Saw the clutch RJ coast-to-coast dunk to send it to OT but that’s it

Haven’t watched any basketball today

Knicks lose too much at home. They have one more week of cakeish scheduling. They need to keep taking advantage of it to create enough room with gms over .500


The 3rd qtr. the Raptors came out playing team ball by doubling Randle & Brunson on defense plus having Siakam and Vanvleet keeping ball-movement to score .. the Knicks are not playing team-ball there's no ball-movement, we have Brunson & Barrett playing shoot-first one on one offense.
Quickley, Grimes, and MitchRob are scoring off of broken plays, Quickley's 3-ball shot ended the 3rd quarter .. Knicks 87 - Raptors 81


Midway through the 4th quarter the Knicks are holding on to a 10 pt lead.
5 min remain in game Knicks have a 9 pt lead .. 101-92
4 min remain Knicks have a 2 pt lead 101-99
Raptors 2nd season player Scotty Barnes dynamic defense covered Randle & Barrett well from scoring.
Grimes 3-ball gave the Knicks a 104-99 lead.
1 min remain TIED score 104-104
The final minute of regulation were entertaining both teams trading points from the FT line
4 seconds remain Raptors have a 110-108 lead, and RJ Barrett goes coast to coast for a dunk to send the game to overtime .... Raptors never let the Knicks have the lead in overtime.

All of the Raptors starter lineup scored in double figures, and played 40 or more minutes in today game. The Raptors 7 man rotation have a 20-24 record, because 24 of their opponents knew to speed up the tempo by running a seven seconds or less offense midway through the 4th quarter to beat and aghuasted Raptors team.
Oh yeah, that's how Knicks opponents been out scoring on us in the 2nd half of the game for a Knicks loss.
How were the performance of the Knicks most minute played players for two days ???
Randle played 42 min today, and 40 min yesterday
Brunson played 43 min today (2 Dimes), and 42 min yesterday (4 Dimes)
Barrett played 49 min today, and 27 min yesterday
Grimes played 40 min today, and 37 min yesterday

I wouldn't be mentioning the four players game minutes if I seen some type of team-chemistry developing game after game on either side of the court.


RJ was early fouled by Barnes on that dunk. Thibbs not happy the way game was called. 41 FTs for TOR. But Knicks had 36… they missed 4 of last 11, including 2 in final minute (both Randle and Brunson missed 1). RJ couldn’t box out Barnes.

Even so, JB had good look to win it… missed it. Lose to TOR next week and drop to 1-3 on season vs then. Have to win it now.

After scoring 26 points in the loss, Brunson became the first Knicks guard to score at least 25 points in seven straight games since Walt “Clyde” Frazier in 1971.
Is there any real accountability when it comes to efficiency?
That bum RJ played almost 50 minutes and took the second most shots. His FG % was under 50% and his 3pt % was even worse.
If you aren’t hot and he never is then you pass the ball and contribute in other area. He not good in any other area so why is he on the floor???
Was someone else open or could he have played better defense,.. of course that not ever possible.

When does somebody say stop shooting and bring your sorry butt to the bench!! PITFALL