Leon Rose finally speaks ....



There were some likes and dislikes about the Rose interview ....

Likes: Hahn asked most of the questions that the fan base wanted Rose to Answer. He asked about the tampering charges from signing Brunson, he asked about the players whose names were involved in the Mitchell trade and now they are back for training camp, he asked about the idea that the Knicks have too many chefs in the front office kitchen, etc. Although he is still a bit awkward, Rose was a bit more comfortable in front of the camera than in years past. The fact that he was being interviewed by an in-house employee could have had something to do with his comfort level.

Dislikes: When conducting an interview with an in-house employee, typically PR has a hand in formulating the questions or at least revising some and throwing out others. Also, the interviewee, in this case Rose, has access to the questions before hand and some of the responses come off rehearsed and the questions are worded in a way that it kind of gives the interviewee an out or doesn?t pin-him down. I hate the idea that the journalists who cover the knicks on a day-to-day bases and are in the trenches with this team, have been excluded from questioning Rose on the last 2 occasions. Guys like Steve Popper, Ian Begley, Chirs Herring, Stefan Bondy, etc should have the right to ask questions and the follow -up.

Speaking of Follow up questions, this is where Hahn did not do a good job. He may have been handcuffed, but there were some opportunities to ask follow up questions that the above-mentioned journalist would have certainly asked. For example, when Hahn asked about the tampering charges concerning Brunson, Rose?s answer was ?No?. Journalism 101, never ask a question that will or can elicit a one-word answer. Hahn should have followed up with the Rick Brunson hire, front office members being courtside during the Mavs playoff game, etc. Rose could have been elusive with his answer but that?s beside the point. it should have been asked. He asked about Randle, the question was a bit of a soft-ball question. Hahn could have been more specific in terms of why Randle was such an emotionally wreck last season? Rose mentioned having off season conversations with Randle and Hahn could have followed up with what were some of the specifics of the convo. Again, Rose?s answer would have been elusive, but follow up questions are essential.

Would have liked Hahn to ask about the plan for Cam Reddish. The front office gave up a 1st for Cam! He He also could have asked about the rumors of Thibs job being in jeopardy last season.

All in all, Hahn asked most of the questions we wanted answers for .. Rose answered most, was elusive with some.