Let's discuss the Knicks guards and what you'd do with them


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Who would you start? Would you keep the three guard line-up or change it to two? How would you manage the minutes? Would Tim Hardaway, Jr. and Toure' Murry get minutes every game even if it's very little (Hardaway likely won't be getting little unless Woody isn't happy with his defense or is being weird)?

Unless it gives us a big advantage, I'd keep only two guards on the floor. I'd first give this a shot:

PG - Prigioni
SG - Shumpert

Prigioni is a very good pass first PG with very good/great defense. Shumpert is a very good/great defender who is very strong and very athletic. His offensive game will get better and he will surpass Wade soon this season.

Can our bench guards bring enough defense though? I know Felton has shown he can play above average defense, but I don't know about consistently. I don't notice defense usually unless it's it's very good, very bad, or I go into a game being curious about someone's. How is Beno's defense? J.R. has improved a lot defensively since his first season with the Knicks, when he was over-aggressive.

I'd keep J.R. on the bench for now at SG, but if he was coached by someone who enforced moving the ball with him then maybe he'd be the starting SG and Shumpert would coming off the bench. I'd probably start Shumpert though because of his great defense and his offense is good enough.

What Felton does have above the other PGs on the team is his speed. He's younger than Prigioni, but Prigioni has low NBA miles and is disciplined in health.

So we have five guards who I want getting good minutes, and two rookies who'd I'd like to get a little bit every game. If I go with Shump/Prigioni as our starters, I could go with a three guard line-up off the bench, but possibly the best defenders of the guards wouldn't be on the floor, unless I have one of them play at all times (Shump or Prigioni sits).

Maybe having a three guard starting line-up could work depending on match-ups, since Shumpert can guard SFs, but would it be better to only have one rotation for chemistry? Or will be ball movement and effort be enough to keep the chemistry going?

If I did do a three guard line-up I think I'd lean even more towards Prigioni over Felton for being the starter. He's pass first, a very good passer, and a very good/great defender, and with me trying J.R. in that line-up first, I'd need that kind of ball-movement in there. Shumpert would be SF obviously.

I don't know about Beno as far as starting and whether he should be the PG or SG on this team. I like his tempo, the GREAT efficiency he had in the paint with the Kings, but he's not pass first. I also don't know about his defense.

I love the guards on this team. A good problem to have.
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