Looking at why Woodson was fired, and his misconception of accountability


Woodson just seems like an idiot. How did he get the job. Never had success.

Is it all Woodson fault?

The week before training-camp owner Dolan fired G.M. Glen Grunwald.
And replace Grunwald with Steve Mills, the guy who recommended and defend Isiah Thomas GM tour as a Knicks.
Mills is a Puppet name for the position.

Training camp began and finished as a joke.
During training camp Amare & Kenyon Martin told ESPN and NBA.com reporters they were 100% healthy to start the Knicks 2013-14 season. Which refute the on going stories the Knicks head-coach, and Knicks medical-staff statement of Amare & Martin being injured and their playing-time will be put on a restriction status.
Both players Amare & Martin are NBA natural PF.
The same position the Knicks traded a future first and second round draft pick in the offseason to get 7.0 PF Bargani. Plus the previous season Carmelo Anthony played at the PF position to win the scoring title.

At the end of preseason games the Knicks’ players were not hungry, and Carmelo Anthony made public he was going to opt out after the season. What?

Now did you know that LeBron James and Dwayne Wade can both opt out of their prospective contracts, too?
Both LeBron and Wade played basketball and never discussed their pending decision to opt out.

Carmelo Anthony could have easily said as of now I am a Knick and no discussions decision will be made till after the season.

Instead like Dwight Howard he wanted the attention and it became a big distraction. Yes, Melo had a great individual season, however regardless what many reporters state the Knicks had more talent than many teams currently in the playoffs. They were selfish, non-focused and it cost them the season and Woodson his job.

As the Knicks cleaned out their lockers, while 16 other NBA teams went on to the playoffs, Stoudemire had no problem discerning why his squad wasn’t among them. It wasn’t a lack of talent but a lack of leadership, an unwillingness to buy into what beleaguered Woodson had been teaching.

Head-coach Woodson put together a game plan on both ends of the basketball court and there were times that we didn’t totally buy into it,’’ Stoudemire said after Thursday’s exit interview with team president Phil Jackson. “We didn’t really focus on mastering the offensive strategies and defensive strategies,” Stoudemire said. “The mind-set is for us whatever the game plan is, we have to stick to the game plan. We’ve got to try to master it, and that way we can be playing at an extremely high level when it’s time for the postseason.’’

The blue highlight above, and its so-call game-plan on offense/defense by the coach was never witness on the court from any Knicks line-up or players during the Summer League games, Preseason games, or the 82 regular season games.
The Knicks 2013-14 performance were "one on one" individual talent on offense/defense. In other words to describe "Street-Ball".
Look at the video by Crazy 8 ...............
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I'm confused by your post, Kiya. Did you change your mind that it wasn't nearly as much as Woodson's fault is at seems? Or are you saying it goes deeper, he was being a puppet that wasn't AS BAD as it seems?


I'm confused by your post, Kiya. Did you change your mind that it wasn't nearly as much as Woodson's fault is at seems? Or are you saying it goes deeper, he was being a puppet that wasn't AS BAD as it seems?

Woodson showed his best coaching as an assistant head-coach, we had two offseason to hire a new head-coach so Woodson could go back to being an assistant-coach. We didnt! We assume Woodson's coaching gave us a 54 win season by forgetting all the "Old-Heads" we had on the roster.
Our twisted optimistic views with the Big-Apple media hype of Melo/JR scoring made Woodson out to be something he is not, a contender-headcoach.

All I'm saying, we started the 2013-14 season with 8 players from the previous 2012-13 season
.. Tyson, Amare, K-Mart, Melo, JR, Shump, Prig, Felton ..
GM Glen Grunwald added 4 players to the roster in offseason
.. Bargani, MWP, Beno, and rookie THJ ..
HC Woodson added 3 players to the roster from the preseason
.. Cole, Murry, and Chris Smith ..

James Dolan added HAVOC, and controversy to the Knicks organization the week before training-camp by firing/demoting GM Glen Grunwald to janitor duties. RED FLAG! the first sign of a JOKE season.

Mike Woodson showed his true value as a NBA head-coach in our postseason games:
1-4 vs Miami
4-2 vs Boston
2-4 vs Indiana
7-10 postseason record. Only James Dolan believe a 7-10 record makes a contender head-coach.
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Grunweld's an idiot too, had to go but replacde him with someone decent! Not a puppet. Bottom line is dolan needs to go, even messing with Jackson now, he's not racist like the clippers owner but just as bad in terms of ruining s team. This is why we need huge estate taxes in this country cuz daddy leaves his kid a fortune and the spoiled kid goes nuts with arrogance.