Nets loss could be Knicks gain!


By Ohm Youngmisuk |
NEW YORK -- The Brooklyn Nets had hoped to wake up Saturday and find out the Brook Lopez season-ending injury news was all a bad dream.

Unfortunately for the Nets, moving on this season without their franchise center is a bitter reality after Brooklyn learned its 7-foot All-Star broke his surgically repaired right foot late Friday night against the Sixers. Lopez's ailing health will keep him out for the season, league sources said.
The Nets' worst nightmare is exactly the kind of wake-up call the New York Knicks needed. continue

I never thought the Nets would finish better than us even with him but w/out Lopez the Nets are done. The Knicks gotta be feeling like they can turn this around now despite yesterday's loss. Boston/Toronto are playing out of their minds and will sink faster than the titanic. So really the miserable Atlantic is ours for the taking... and with that at least a 4th seed.


Even though the Knicks don't pass the ball, take bad shots and play defense like it's optional, they still have MELO and just enough pieces around him to take the division crown nobody is trying to win.

this is most interesting

Should the Nets revisit talks with the Rockets or another contending team and consider trading a key piece like Williams, Garnett or Pierce now that Lopez is out for the season? It might be worth contemplating because this $190 million roster that was supposed to be a Rolls-Royce now is an expensive luxury car with a transmission problem.


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This is nothing to be excited about. The East is bad and the Knicks have been terrible.

A shame for Brook and the Nets. Injuries suck.


We can't count on teams losing players in order for the Knicks to reach the playoffs. How weak has the Eastern Conference been for the Knicks to thrive in this season, yet they're having one of their most disappointing seasons in the last 20 years.

The Heat could lose Lebron for the rest of the season and Roy Hibbert could be out for the season as well but even if that were to happen there would still be a great chance that the Knicks fall short of the playoffs.

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This team was never gonna be better than us even if they had that doofy ass non rebounding 7 footer