New York Knicks at Milwaukee Bucks - Friday, 2/2/18 at 8PM

Another chance for Hornacek to figure out some rotations that actually make some sense for the future. Milwaukee is a tough home team and the Knicks, as we all know, are not so hot on the road. Tough test tonight coming off a bad loss in Boston. KP and some other players want us to be buyers at the trade deadline, but that is a hard sell when you are 6 games below 0.500. Players need to step up if they really believe we can make the playoffs. Let's go Knicks!


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This team is going nowhere and we will be sellers if anyone even wants any of our bums:( I might listen to a little on the radio as I can?t get Milwaukee TV here on the ILL side of the border


Thanks for the Game Thread htr10 ....
I doubt Hornacek's tanking rotation has a chance to win in Miluakie tonite .. The Bucks loss their last game miserably against the TimberWolves 89-108.

It's midseason .. the time to develop a co-existing rotation lineup of our young core players ..
Ftank/ Burke/ THJ/ WHG/ KP/ Quinn/ Mcderm/ Dotson


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Thanks for the game thread, htr! Knicks with a good start, a four point lead 5 minutes into the first quarter
Crowd going crazy for the return of Jabari Parker tonight after missing almost a full year of basketball. 2 ACL tears in the last 3 years.
Ntilikina with a nice spin move and hits the fade away jumper. Every once in a while he shows a polished offensive move that makes you wonder why he looks so raw on offense the rest of the time.
Ntilikina drives to the baseline, draws the double team, and finds Beasley for the slam for the easy 2.
Way too sloppy with our passes. A series of turnovers lead to us falling down by 8 in the 2nd quarter.
Kanter with 11 points and 9 boards in 13 minutes. He?s been great the last few games. We lead 51 - 50 late in the 1st half.
Game tied at 55 at the half. Defense needs to be better, but not a bad showing so far. Kanter leading the way with the 1st half double-double.


Hardaway 1-9 tonight (after 1-10 in BOS). He just handed ball to MIl after grabbing a defensive rebound.... led to a MIL dunk.


Another bad turnover... 16 turnovers now for NYK (4 for MIL).... Knits knocks down a 3.... 71-70 MIL.

Timmy misses again... 1-10.... now 2-20 last 2 games.
Ntilikina runs the pick and roll with Kanter and finds him for the dunk. Ntilikina giving me a bunch of reasons to be optimistic tonight.