New York Knicks vs Cleveland Cavaliers 1/30/2014 8:00PM


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(16-29) - (18-27)

Madison Square Garden, New York, NYTNT8:00 PM EST

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Injury Report
New York Knicks
Cleveland Cavaliers
Andrea Bargnani - Torn Ligament, Left Elbow (OUT)Carrick Felix - Left patellar stress fracture (OUT)
Kenyon Martin - Sprained Left Ankle and Tendinitis (OUT)Anderson Varejao - Left knee contusion and hyperextension (QUEST)
Amar'e Stoudemire - Sprained Left Ankle and Bone Bruise (OUT)

Today in Knicks history
January 30, 2013Carmelo Anthony sets Knicks franchise record with his 30th consecutive 20-point effort, scoring 20 points in 113-97 win over Orlando at the Garden.

Recent meetings
December 10, 2013New York got out to another slow start falling down 31-19 after the 12 minutes en route to a 109-94 defeat by the Cleveland Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena. Carmelo Anthony, for the 20th time this season, led the team in points with 29 over 12-19 shooting over 39 minutes. Amar?e Stoudemire continued his stellar play off the bench with 17 points on 7-10 shooting and five rebounds over 27 minutes. Kyrie Irving had a huge game against the Knicks, again, as he recorded 37 points and 11 assists over 36 minutes for a double-double. Jarrett Jack provided 17 points off the bench. Tristan Thompson added 12 points and nine rebounds. After falling behind 31-19 after the first quarter, New York was able to trim the lead in the second frame behind nine points from Amar?e Stoudemire. New York headed into the half down on 48-45 after once being down as much as 18-points. Midway into the third quarter a Carmelo Anthony jumper cut the deficit to 53-52 with 6:41 left to play. That would be as close as New York would come the rest of the way, as Cleveland finished the third quarter outscoring New York 28-13 to take a 81-65. This time Cleveland held on to their double-digit lead, as they cruised in the final quarter to 109-94 victory over the New York Knicks at Quicken Loans Arena.
April 12, 2013New York got back to its winning ways, one day after having its 13-game winning streak snapped; the Knicks behind 31 points apiece from Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 101-91 at Quicken Loans Arena. Anthony posted 31 points on 12-24 shooting and 14 rebounds over30 minutes for his 10th double-double of the season and second consecutive. J.R. Smith posted 31 points on 13-16 shooting from the filed over 29 minutes. This was Smith?s best shooting percentage in a game where he attempted at least 11 field-goals. Iman Shumpert added eight points and a career high 11 rebounds. Cleveland was paced by Kyrie Irving?s 31 points, six assists and five rebounds over 36 minutes. Tristan Thompson posted 15 points and 11 rebounds over 31 minutes.
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Nice Game-Thread Rady .. takin my granson to the game tonight ..
so this game is a automatic MUST WIN for the Knicks.
GO Knicks!!!!!!


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Shumpert is out, JR is starting
Would like to see what Prigioni and J.R. can do starting together. The small-ball line-up has won the last three games, but I'd like to see Felton come off the bench and have Melo and World Peace be the starting front-court.


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Melo with 10 points in the first 5 minutes, look out for another monster night


i'm liking the minutes being given Tyler and THJR, both are proving themselves worthy of quality minutes, not just garbage time. It looks like JR Smith has his confidence and health back, which has been one of the weakest links in a poor beginning to the season. perhaps Shump being out tonite has something to do with the blowout as well, with his minutes going to Timmy Jr? Knicks seem to be running on all gears tonite, but THJR is really making it happen. Cleveland looks like total sack of sh*t, aside from Kyrie doing some good things.


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Another great game by the whole team.. I really have liked what I seen from them the last three games.They all are on the same page,great chemistry,ball movement and defense.I know its againist weak teams but at this point I will take anything.I see THJR getting more and more minutes if he keeps playing this way. He has played really good this year except for his defense it needs work but he is only a rook and that will get better. Tyler has really impressed me! I really like how he goes in there not being afraid or tenitive and just playing the game having fun.I would keep playing him until he comes back down to earth. Hopefully he will play this way for the rest of the season.


Great win and fun to watch. Nice to see us beat the cavs too. The Last few times i can remember were loss'


That's a 4 game win streak w/o Bargnani. Paris said it would be addition by subtraction, now you know why Toronto hated him.

Woody seems to want to play Shump when he comes back but he needs to give some of Shumps minutes to Timmy when he's back. Timmy has way more upside than Shump.


This was a great dont blink ur eyes in the Garden Game ..
Great :gony: WIN
THJ & JR.Smith turned the volume up to 10 in MSG lastnite.

My Grandson is no-longer a Melo-Fan .. Lastnight, he turned into a Tim Hardaway Jr. Knicks-Fan at halftime.

JR.Smith dunks (no-swish) brang a new explosive/excitement in MSG last night.
The new Garden video kept replaying JR dunks during every time-out keepin the crowd motivated.

My Grandson and the crowd was yelling "Go nut for 65 pts" to THJ all night.
Woodson looked stupid, when the crowd gave THJ the "greenlight" to shoot, shoot, shoot LMAO
MWP put a stop to THJ shooting late in the 4th quarter, by letting him know he have bench-teammates that also want to score (veteran leadership).

The Cleveland Cavs looked pitiful vs the Knicks last night.
HC Woodson still dont know how to coach .. our starters shouldve only receive 25 minutes in this game.
:thumbsup::gony: :thumbsup:


^that must have been great being at MSG with your grandkid Kiyaman! i felt such a rush from the dunks just watching them on TV, i can imagine the entire garden electrified!

do you argue with your grandson about Melo being a ball-hog? ;)


Shumpert is out, JR is starting

Its about time ....
JRsmith shouldve been in the starting lineup the same day he receive his 6th-man award.
JR has a career of being inconsistent, his first half performance as a starter lets a coach know at halftime, how much playingtime to give JR in the 2nd half of each game .. JR had so many poor/flawed first-half performances where he shouldve been DNP the 2nd half of the game.

Our next game will b Miami Heat invading New York MSG on Saturday night.
Yes, JR should start .. Lebron & D.Wade got a ole-fashion whiippin in Miami by MVP-Durant & Derik Fisher the other night.


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That's a 4 game win streak w/o Bargnani. Paris said it would be addition by subtraction, now you know why Toronto hated him.

Woody seems to want to play Shump when he comes back but he needs to give some of Shumps minutes to Timmy when he's back. Timmy has way more upside than Shump.

Ironic isn't it???? All that criticism that should be directed at Bargs, Melo catches. Let's see:"lazy on defense" check; Bargs is terrible can't stay in front of a turtle. "Shoots to much, not efficient" check:44% from the field and(that's pitiful for a seven footer) and 27% from 3 point land. "Doesn't make teammates better" check: averages more turnovers per game(1.4) than assist(1.1). Um um um embarrassing and all this from a former #1 overall pick. Double um um um:(.... I heard an NBA announcer talking about the "European" influence on the game lol um um um. That's code for overgrown donuts shooting bricks from the field, not rebounding, not playing any defense, and being wayyyyy over drafted the basis of "potential." Yet Melo is the whipping boy???? DOUBLE STANDARD :(


I wish Bargs a speedy recovery but I hope he's out for a while to see the young guys like Tyler and Cole get some more burn and to see if we can consistently win with this small lineup minus Bargs. I think we'll win more games w/o Bargs, he's got some game ie best 7 footer putting the ball on the floor and taking it to the hole, great FT shooter for a big man but he's been inconsistent and he hasn't found that 3 point shot.