New York Knicks vs Miami Heat 2/1/2014 8:30PM


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(32-13) - (19-27)

Madison Square Garden, New York, NYESPN8:30 PM EST

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Injury Report
New York Knicks
Miami Heat
Andrea Bargnani - Torn Ligament, Left Elbow (OUT)
Kenyon Martin - Sprained Left Ankle and Tendinitis (OUT)
Amar'e Stoudemire - Sprained Left Ankle and Bone Bruise (OUT)

Today in Knicks history
February 2, 2013Knicks lead by as many as 50 points in 120-81 win over Sacramento at the Garden. Knicks hit 19-43 three pointers and tie an NBA mark with nine players hitting at least one triple. Tyson Chandler records 20 rebounds, becoming the first Knick since Marcus Camby (2001) to record back-to-back 20-rebound efforts.

Recent meetings
January 9, 2014New York behind a second half to remember- outscoring the Heat 59-44 on .632 shooting (24-38) and .571 from downtown (8-14) - defeated the defending NBA Champion Miami Heat 102-92 at Madison Square Garden. Carmelo Anthony led the way with 29 points, eight rebounds and five assists over 42 minutes. Andrea Bargnani posted 19 points and five rebounds over 42 minutes. Raymond Felton posted his first double-double of the season with 13 points and 14 assists. Amar’e Stoudemire posted his first double-double of the season with 14 points and 11 rebounds. LeBron James paced the Miami Heat with 32 points and six assists.
April 2, 2013New York defeated a Miami Heat team with the services of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, behind Carmelo Anthony’s 50 points on 18-26 shooting (7-10 3PT)- His high total as a New York Knick- to take the season series 3-1. J.R. Smith posted 14 points and six rebounds over 30 minutes. Raymond Felton added 10 points and nine assists over 38 minutes. Chris Bosh paced the Heat with 23 points and six rebounds over 39 minutes. Mike Miller added 18 points and eight rebounds.


Woodson getting stuck into Tyler already whilst bat tier dropped 13 on melo in the first and doesn't say anything to melo! Time for the coach to walk!


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Nice comeback right before halftime. I didn't catch much of the first half but i'm glad JR's having a good night so far


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JR has kept us in this game...We're having problems scoring and his 13 points was much needed. I knew he'd come through for us earlier in the season when everyone was down on him. He just needed more time to get his rhythm back, the JR that we had last year up until the incident with Jason Terry in the playoffs was a good player that helped us get wins. Hes become that again

Hopefully Melo and Timmy Jr can get going in the 2nd half


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I always wondered what would have been like if the Jason terry stuff didn't happened. Just imagine having the same jr against the pacers in round 2. If his struggle is finally over, the Knicks might just turn their season around.

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Rob Low

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Tyson is so bad at protecting the rim it's not even funny. K mart is our best man to man defender and rim protector


Yeah, i don't see how Chandler won DPOY...He's awful. Try putting Aldrich in there for a few. Poor JR and THJ is not going to guard LBJ


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wow 9 posts for a prime time game against the Heat, yeah this place is great lmao

Yep; if it's not about dissing Melo, these haters ain't posting. We played like crap anyway. Battiers' musket head harassed Melo all night. Woody out coached by Riley jr jr should have drawn up stuff to free Melo up but......Knicks too easy to stop, just stop Melo and no one else steps up...Feltip/Stat were a disgrace...Heat 1-2 punch was Dwade was too much, too many easy layups and opportunities from the charity strip:(


wow 9 posts for a prime time game against the Heat, yeah this place is great lmao

ISO-Melo is boring .. ISO-Melo is boring .. ISO-Melo is boring

Every Knicks player have to put up with ISO-Melo or ISO-JR being on the court when they get playingtime.