New York Knicks vs Philadelphia 76ers 1/22/2014 7:30PM


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(13-28) - (15-26)

Madison Square Garden, New York, NYMSG7:30 PM EST

Sorry guys, i broke my left hand (nothing serious) and for two weeks i'll only use one arm to do the GTs


Metro .... 13 minute into the game and Melo played 12 minutes, and Melo's coming back into the game
We down by 10


I understand the defensive switching on pick and rolls and screens, but all game long. No wonder these guys can't close out games, they are tired. If you don't play smart, these switches are killer, that along with Woodys monitoring minutes


Grid or Riot
I'm gonna be absolutely honest about this, I lost hart for these Knicks. I've caught a quarter here and there and every single time I was watching the Knicks we were awfully bad. It's not even about losing games, it's about how this team is built. I see absolutely no effort out there. A .366 record doesn't really help here either. I simply want this season to be already over.


Can anyone here tell me what happened to all the posters?? Where the hell did everybody go?

Good question .. Ball-Hogger ISO-Melo playin every minute of the game has become to boring to watch, especially with his delusional partner JRsmith.
We are strugglin playin a 13-28 Philly team right now .. how many times have u change the channel.

Its hard to comment on the Knicks when the best-player is actually the Knicks worst-player with a jump-shot.
Look at Spike Lee face everytime Tyson is defending the 3 ball line...


we got outrebounded 30-16 in the first half.

The more we play Bargnani the more we give up rebounds.
It's real simple.
Bargnani is a cancer to a team. I rather have a rebounder out there like Reggie Evans or Chuck Hayes than a one dimensional offensive player like Andrea on the court.