New York Knicks vs Phoenix Suns 1/13/2014 7:30PM

We're actually losing this game now and all Phoenix has been doing is having first Barbosa and then Dragic drive right through our team for layups over and over. What a joke.
Our guys were laughing their butts off at the end of the 3rd quarter while letting the Suns hang around because of sloppy play, now we're losing by 5 with only 4 minutes to go. This team is like a little kid that only remembers a spanking for a couple days before it goes right back to its same old tricks.
Normally, I'm a pretty even tempered guy, but screw that. We need to come out and crush this overrated Phoenix team in this OT. We have been gifting them free points all 2nd half and now they got gifted free throws to bail them out on a terrible last possession in regulation. Crush these fools. Let's go Knicks!


You know the Knicks are struggling to win games when a scrub like Barbosa comes into the Garden and has his first great game in 6 years.
So many chances to close this one out. Defense has stepped up, but the offensive possessions now are suffering.


Another ....


Rebound / Block / Dunk for the win ...