Offseason thread


What would be an ideal gameplan for this yers free agency, be realistic to, neither melo or stat are getting traded get over it.

I say we trade TD for whatever we can get
Sign steve nash(he lives in soho why not team back up with stat and win where he lives)
Resign landry and lin(i think landrys smart enough to know he has to fix his shot and i believe he will)
Resign novak with the vets min. Dont think hes gonna get offered more after the playoffs if he does hopefully he loves it here enough to take less money. I remember his first interview in which he told reporters that the first thin he said to his wife and kids were "welcome home"

All your plans ideas thoughts here:gony:
First step for this thread is figuring what we can do given our cap situation. What I think I know is that we have Melo, Amare, Chandler, Shump, TD, Jorts, and Jerome Jordan already signed for next season and we will spend what little we can re-signing Lin. We are then going to be at the mercy of whoever will be willing to sign with us for minimum contracts or not much more to fill out the roster. Is that close to the truth or is it less grim a picture than that?


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Well we got the MLE, Bi Annual Exception, vets minimums, a 2nd Round pick and a cash exception

I think we need to add 2 way role players


First step for this thread is figuring what we can do given our cap situation. What I think I know is that we have Melo, Amare, Chandler, Shump, TD, Jorts, and Jerome Jordan already signed for next season and we will spend what little we can re-signing Lin. We are then going to be at the mercy of whoever will be willing to sign with us for minimum contracts or not much more to fill out the roster. Is that close to the truth or is it less grim a picture than that?

Pretty much the truth. If we can't "give away" Stat's contract, you can talk about getting Nash, DWilliam, Garnett, or Allen but it just won't happen.

I dont understand why some think no one will want Stat. He can still contribute for another team. By looking at the upside of Stat. He is 30 and was among the leading scorer in the league 2 years ago. Lots of GMs will gamble on those alone. Until you get rid of Stat's contract, nothing much will happen during off season, just a whole bunch of patching jobs.


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The first thing the Knicks need to address is to show Melo how to play team ball.If they do that then the knicks should be very good next year.

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Resign Lin with MLE
Resign Fields as we have his bird rights
Resgin Novak with the Bi-annual exception

Jr's going to walk regardless
Fill out the rest of the roster through our draft pick & vet min options


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JR's going to walk. **** him. He hasn't done crap for us. A few good moments here or there does not make up for the fact that he almost shot us out of these playoffs singlehandedly.

Lin and Jeffries need to stay. The rest can go. I know Novak had great shooting statistics this year, but honestly he's nothing more than a catch and shoot player. He can't even come remotely close to doing anything resembling dribbling, so I don't think he's worth the money to keep.

Fields should stay for the minimum. I don't think he's going to get much more anywhere else.

STAT ain't going anywhere. They need to decide between Steve Nash or Jeremy Lin, and my hunch is that they're going to go with Lin.

21 Shump Street

A few people have mentioned a possible return of Marcus Camby as our backup C. Pretty doubtful but i researched and he has made $119,000,000 so far in his career. He may be swayed to come for our bi-annual exception but I believe others teams can offer him more money and a larger role (he could probably start for a couple of teams). Plus we have larger holes to fill on our bench.
Trade Douglas for a potential role player or a couple of second round picks.

Renounce Baron Davis.

Renounce Steve Novak.

Sign and trade Fields for a backup PG or a backup SG or a backup PF or a late first round pick.

Try to trade Chandler for Rajon Rondo or Deron Williams in a sign and trade.
I know that Chandler is great, but we need a great PG more, plus it might help Amar'e with the spacing.

Resign Lin.

Sign or trade for a damn rebounder like Reggie Evans, Mo Speights, Jordan Hill or Kris Humphries.

Try to resign J.R. Smith for a reasonable price.

Get a better coaching staff.

Try to sign Wilson Chandler, he's one of the best 6th men in the league.

Rent a chef and a personal trainer for Melo to get him back at 225-230 lbs at 8-10% bodyfat next October.

Establish a philosophy. Who are we? A rugged hard-nosed defensive team? A high paced run-and-gun offensive team? A smart and experienced team? A half-court low-post team? A well balanced and versatile team?

We gotta establish some kind of philosophy.


I think we were all expecting a little bit too much from Fields. He excelled when the 3 was Gallo, the 1 was Felton. There are some nice things Fields can do for us, but adjusting to having Melo dominate the ball from the 3, as opposed to what they were doing pre-Melo trade has hurt him.

Also, this guy was a second round pick - what he was his rookie year pre-Melo is probably his ceiling as a player. That's not a bad thing, I do still think he can contribute. He played much better in the backcourt with Lin this season then he did with any non-Ray Felton PG. I think given a little bit more time and more practice, Fields can provide us with some decent numbers whether as a starter or off the bench splitting the 48 minutes with Shumpert.



Let's start with the upcoming draft.

You knew when it happened, when we sent Hill & a draft choice to HOU for T-Mac & ridding ourselves of JJ's contract, that it would come back to haunt us. Let's face facts: In our pursuit of Lebron James, in our desperate attempt to shed 1 yr & 4 mil, we're now going to miss out on the chance to draft a real quality prospect. Guys like Austin Rivers, Kendall Marshall, Quincy Miller, Marquis Teague, Fab Melo. At 16, Knicks were sitting pretty in this deep draft class. A player was there to be had, who would've had a Shumpert-like impact. With all the holes in this roster, we're now missing out on a player who would have been part of our future.

Oh freaking well. We have to move on.

The good news is this IS a deep draft, so we should be able to find somebody in the 2nd round. This should be a player that makes the team, & will probably even be a part of the rotation as depth. I'm thiking the 9th/10th player on the bench.

My ideal choice would be Scott Machado. He led NCAA in assists. Knicks badly need PG play. He's the best 'pass-1st, QB, run-the-offense' PG we can target. The other PGs are just PG/SG combo guys, w/ greater athleticism.

The only issue here is... Well, there's a ton of different directions the Knicks can go in b/c there are plenty of PG options on the market this Summer. My ideal candidate, if I can dream aloud, is Mr. Goran Dragic. But that isn't happening. Some team will pay him more than we can offer. SIGH!

If we re-sign LIN, then we should target a PG in the draft. Bring in a vet, & those will be the 3 PGs. Simple as that. If we decide to sign a bigger name PG available on the market, then perhaps we target size (to replace Jeffries) or shooting (to replace JR SMith &/or Steve Novak). Other PGs we could target: Tyshawn Taylor, J'Covan Brown, Tu Holloway. Perhaps there's a player on the international market who we'll roll the dice on, who possess greater upside... or perhaps we shoot for a combo SG/SF in the 6"6' 200 pound range? Not expecting much from the 48th best player in the draft.

I'm not getting into pipe dreams. Sure, we should shake things up and trade either Stoudemire or Carmelo... but we know that isn't happening. DOLAN will not trade Anthony, & we're not going to get much for STAT, even if we could find a taker. Should we try? SURE. Should we shop? Absolutely. BUt I think Carmelo-Stoudemire is our near-future, like it or not, & I honestly believe it will work AS LONG AS WE FIND A PG.

Our #1 concern this Summer has to be PG. We have a billion dollar front court, but it doesn't work with guards we found at the dollar store.

TARGET #1: Steve Nash. He's made his money. He wants to win. He knows how to work the pick-&-roll with Stoudemire, he can drive & kick out to Carmelo, he can lob alley-oops to TC, & he can drain the 3-pointer. He's the perfect floor general. He'll dominant the ball, he commands enough respect that our Big-3 will differ to him. He's either signing in POR, MIA, DAL, LAK or NY. Let's pray he comes to NY. I believe if we put the full court press he'll come here. He's flirted with us in the past, I think he has an apartment here (or something). AS STAT said last night:

?Everyone knows that Steve loves New York and that New York loves Steve,? Stoudemire told The Daily News. ?I love Steve. It would be great to have him here next year.?

THIS HAS TO HAPPEN. Sign Nash, resign LIN & draft Machada. We have PG covered, for now & the future.

Still... as the Daily News stated:

"Nash, who spends part of his summer in Manhattan, has always been enamored with the idea of playing at Madison Square Garden. However, close friends say that if Nash were to sign for the veteran minimum, he will go only to a contending team, which is why Miami is suddenly emerging as a strong candidate."

This makes it more urgent folks. If Nash goes to MIA... game over anyway, no matter who we get. Kirk Hinrich wont put us over the top.

Getting NASH is a must. We need his floor leadership, we need a PG, signing Nash allows us to still move fwd w/ LINsanity, it prevents MIA from signing him.

Signing NASH is best for Jeremy as well. He can continue to develop, learn from the master himself, improve his dribbling, his left hand, while not putting all our eggs in that basket.

With Carmelo-STAT-Chandler, Knicks are in win-now mode. 3 year window to do something. LIN is a building block. He can help us win now, but we would be foolish to entrust the offense in him entirely.

We sign NASH, resign LIN, draft Machada. We have PG covered! LIN is backup, plays a lot of minutes so we keep nash fresh. Steve makes the offense run, helps Melo-STAT blend together. Smooth.

The Knicks cap situation isn't great. 4.5 dead money b/c Douglas, Balkman, Jordan offer nothing. Our big-3 make about 53 million next year. Yikes. MIA's is way worse tho. They're sitting at 78 million, way over the cap, & there's nothing they can do sans a trade. I'm assuming we get NASH to sign a vet min whatever, sort of like what Shane Battier signed. 3 mil a year for 3 years, or something.

This is another reason why NASH is so important, if the Knicks are to be legit title contenders. We do not have much cap flexibility. So what to do? If we go out & sign Goran Dragic, we wont have much wiggle room to do anything else. I mean, would you prefer Hinrich & J-Craw over Nash? Could we get both to take less money? Who knows.


CARMELO (19.45)
AMAR'E (19.94)
TYSON (13.60)
= (52.99)

The cap next year should be about 58-61 mil. Gulp.

Toss in the dead weight:

Douglas (2.06)
Balkman (1.67)
Jordan (0.76)
= (4.49)

That brings us to 57.48. Add Shumpert's contract (1.68) & now we arrive at 59.16 million on the books for 2012-2013 season.

JR Smith has a player option for 2.5. So, if he picks that up, then we're at 61.66 million before we even flinch.

There are tricks though, ways to get around this. But this should paint the picture, a bleak one, that NY doesn't have much room for error. They cannot bargain shop, bringing in a few quality free agents & hope it works. We don't have the cap space to bring in Hirich, Crawford, Ilyasova & Carl Landry.

This is also why we can't just say: let the bums walk.

We have MLE & Bi-annual exemptions & vet mins to work with, along w/ Bird Rights.

Bird rights do not apply to LIN though. So it may be tough to sign Both Nash & Lin. Given the choice... I EASILY opt for Nash though.

I think I would target Randy Foye or Nick Young, or another vet like Jason Terry or something (if JR Smith walks). We need a starting SG until SHump returns. Then that starting SG slides into our 6th man spot. Could I dream and say Jamaal Crawford returns?

I would then target a backup C and some shooters. This is why we'll probably have to settle on bringing back Jeffries, Novak & Fields. I guess if I find a way to keep LIN, while signing NASH, then I would draft a shooter.

Steve Nash, Jamaal Crawford, a healthy Shumpert & improved LIN would give us the guards to compliment our expensive & talented front court.

If I could dream, here's my 12 man rotation:

Shumpert (J-Craw)
Carmelo (Fields)
Stoudemire (Novak)
Chandler (Jeffries)

2nd round draft pick + Josh Harrellson
I wouldn't mind Nash playing here. He's a good pg with great vision...he knows Stat's game and can easily make 10 or more assist a night with this team. A savvy vet who will play hard for a title. He deserves one...I just don't want him to go to the Heat because they too we persue him....


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We know what our core is next season, but besides of our froncourt stars (IMO after being named DPOY Tyson is definately a star player) we have plenty guys without a contract.

Harrellson: pick up his rookie option and develop him as our 2nd PF behind Stoudemire, he's got a nice jumper, he's been boxing out, fighting for boards and playing some solid D, definately worth that little money he'll get in his sophomore year.

Fields: resign him using his Bird rights, he had a tough season this season, but still he's solid rebounder who can provide some extra scoring, good #2 off the bench.

Jordan: pick up his rookie option, he's still a project, but even if he's not going to play much next year he could ba a trade asset.

JR: let him go, his awful playoff performance showed he's not even worth the money we paid him this year. 31% off 15 shots/game? GTFO dumbass.

Bibby: solid series, he didn't play much but he definately improved as the season proceeded, if he agrees to another vet-min contract we should keep him.

Jeffries: solid overall defender, wants to stay with the Knicks and IMO he's worth another vet-min. Besides, great teammate, the new chemist.

Douglas: trade him, even for a pick, completely useless...

Novak: try to resign him for vet-min, if it doesn't work, let him go.

Lin: resign using our MLE.

Davis: he's pretty much done.

BEA: try to sign a solid backup PG, for example Dragić.


I guess with JR walking, that will open a spot for us. Resigning Lin and Novak is looking good.