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Injury Report

NY KnicksChicago Bulls
Andrea Bargnani Strained Hamstring Out
Jose Calderon Strained Calf Probable
Jimmy Butler Sprained Thumb Probable

The first game will be a tough test for the Knicks against a team that ranked 3rd in the ESPN power rankings and is one of the teams expected to contend for the EC title this year. The matchups are formidable with Chicago playing a front line of "All-Stars" in Gasol and Noah against mostly backups in Dally and Jason Smith. Their oft injured PG Derrick Rose is healthy and had a good pre-season and seems a matchup nightmare for a weak defending Jose Calderon. Also Jimmy Butler has usually defended Carmelo well so the clear advantage Melo gives you at that spot might not be a factor if Butler plays Melo tight and forces him to pass to others or take contested shots.

Couple the new triangle system the Knicks are learning with the Chicago pressure defense and it may be a night filled with turnovers and ugly basketball at MSG. Like I said a tough test for our boys. Go Knicks.

Knicks/Bulls Preview

With the Central Division assured of being one of the most competitive in the NBA, the Chicago Bulls have to be thrilled that Derrick Rose is finally healthy again.

Over in the Atlantic, Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks are hoping a full season under team president Phil Jackson can help them return to the playoffs.

The Bulls and Knicks kick off seasons of heightened expectations when they meet at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night.

Rose missed 2012-13 recovering from a torn ACL in his left knee, only to sit out the final 71 games last season after tearing his right meniscus. Without their star player for most of the season, the Bulls (48-34) still tied for the third-best record in the Eastern Conference and made the playoffs before a first-round loss to Washington.

"The possibilities are endless," center Joakim Noah said. "I think the sky's the limit, especially when you bring a guy like Derrick back - not only what he means as a talent, but what he means to the city."

Even with the 2011 league MVP back at full strength - Rose totaled 57 points in the last two preseason games - the Bulls face a tough task in a division that features Indiana and a potential powerhouse Cleveland club led by LeBron James and Kevin Love.

"I'm not concerned at all," Rose said. "As long as everybody's focused and on the same page, that's all you can ask of your team."

In addition to Rose's return, the Bulls brought in some pieces to give coach Tom Thibodeau some depth - the biggest being free-agent center Pau Gasol, whose skills have diminished but at age 34 could still bring plenty to the table. Planting the veteran in the middle could free up the energetic Noah to cause havoc on defense.
Chicago also picked up an outside shooting threat by drafting Doug McDermott, who led the nation with 26.7 points per game for Creighton last season.

The Bulls made a hard push in the offseason to bring in Anthony, but the former league scoring champion opted to return to the Knicks with a five-year, $124 million contract.

The deal was a significant one early on for Jackson, who was hired in March. The new president also brought in recently retired player Derek Fisher as coach to institute the triangle offense that helped Jackson win 11 titles as an NBA coach.

The changes have quickly altered the mood around the Garden after the Knicks (37-45) failed to reach the postseason despite playing in the NBA's weakest division. Rumors of discord in the locker room under former coach Mike Woodson also surfaced.

"I think any time you have a new coach, a new energy comes along with that. You can just walk around the building and feel that energy," said Anthony, who missed the playoffs for the first time in his 11 seasons.

"You can just see everybody is rejuvenated again. Everybody wants to win, everybody wants to do what's right to help this team be successful. So at the end of the day, I believe that we'll be there at the end."

New York's other big offseason move was trading center Tyson Chandler and point guard Raymond Felton to Dallas for point guard Jose Calderon, who will run the triangle and may be able to light a fire under forward Andrea Bargnani after the two played well together and formed a friendship during their time in Toronto.

Another potential piece to the triangle puzzle is Amare Stoudemire, though the veteran forward's scoring average has dropped in each of the last three seasons while he's dealt with significant injury problems. He averaged a career-low 11.9 points in 2013-14.

Still, the Knicks do not have any insurmountable hurdles to leap in the Atlantic. Reigning division champion Toronto and Brooklyn should be competitive but not unbeatable, while Boston and Philadelphia are rebuilding.

The Knicks certainly showed they can compete by winning 16 of their final 21 games last season in an ultimately futile playoff push.

"The pain, what I endured last year and we felt as a team, we don't want to go back down that lane no more," Anthony said. "We don't want to feel that pain."

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on paper bulls are better but of course they got 2 new players in lineup and yes that includes DRose so they will need to time to develop chemistry as much as we do


Lets get the Party started .. The NY Knicks 2014-15 season is underway .. LETS GO KNICKS!!!
Phil Jackson in da house (MSG)

We are starting the season having Back to Back games on Wed & Thur vs Bulls then Cavs.
Hold on! WTF .. The Knicks will be traveling more than playing-ball having 3 back to back games within the first 10 games of the season. When do we practice?
Who made the Knicks schedule? Charles Barkley

Calderon and Barg are out for the first game, and probably the 2nd game too.
Who will be the Knicks starter PG vs Rose? then Irving?
Iman Shump will have his hands full with Rose, then Irving/Lebron on open night.
Dally will have to defend Pau Gasol scoring, while Jason/Stat defend Noah

It would've been nice to watch Fisher coach team-chemistry in the first 10 games, but the 3 back to back games in two weeks don't leave much time for practice.
Make it happen Knicks!!!


The latest on Calderon is DFish expects him to play. Shump may defend DRose, change that to he will defend DRose if he lights up JC in the opening quarter.

Knicks picked up THJ 3rd year option today but passed on Shane Larkin, they have until Friday to change their minds but Larkin doesn't seem in the plans for the Knicks.

“Jose looked really good today,” Fisher said after practice Tuesday. “[Monday] he did just about everything we did, even though we held him out of parts of [Monday’s] practice towards the end. [Tuesday] he was in for everything we did. Assuming that he responds well to everything that we did … we expect him to be available.’’


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OYB(oh yea baby!!!) Gonna be stuck at work but should see bits and pieces... The Bullies look great on paper but this is a rivalry game on the big stage!!! Double Nickles for Melo in MSG tonight!!!!


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Gonna watch it from DVR tomorrow afternoon, super hyped. Haven't seen Knicks in action in a very long time, let's get that thing going.
Cautiously optimistic for us tonight. Bulls are a nightmare game 1 opponent thanks to the extra prep time it gives Thibs (in theory), but they had some changes in the offseason and so did we, so who knows how much anybody is ready for anybody. Game 1 and I want someone to step up from the get go as a budding star for this season alongside Melo (THJ, I'm looking at you). Let's go Knicks!


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Gonna watch it from DVR tomorrow afternoon, super hyped. Haven't seen Knicks in action in a very long time, let's get that thing going.

Yeah, same here, i'll try to stay away from the final score but it ain't gonna be easy

PS: League pass free until the 4th!


Grid or Riot
Yeah, same here, i'll try to stay away from the final score but it ain't gonna be easy

PS: League pass free until the 4th!
I actually fixed my Slingbox, at least for now, so I don't need to pay for League Pass after all. But, considering that Slingbox isn't really that reliable I have some money saved up in case I'll need LP for a month or something. :D


I actually fixed my Slingbox, at least for now, so I don't need to pay for League Pass after all. But, considering that Slingbox isn't really that reliable I have some money saved up in case I'll need LP for a month or something. :D

Hoping tonight is the start of a new Era ........ Just hold players accountable for how they play, attitude and effort....
I do nto see Fisher a baller allowing JR or anyone else to have that lax attitude of last year........Play hard , play the system or sit........Tonight should be exciting.....I am not expecting Melo to be a changed man but any sign of change and buying into Fisher's system I will take.......


Stat is starting and so is Larkin with Calderon a very late scratch. Let's go Knicks!
Stat has been shaking his head at DFish saying he doesn't know why he's not starting, well now he's got his chance. He's better than Smith for sure but I question the decision of Larkin whose option the Knicks didn't pick up.

Butler out for the Bulls, that's a plus for the Knicks should give Melo more room to work.


Stat making his case for the starting PF spot. Why not he's better than Smith and Acy, lets see what happens when the second unit comes in. Can they hold the lead.


2nd unit couldn't hold the lead. Thats why DFish wanted Stat in that second unit but I think its a smart move to have him starting.